Browncast – Cliff Smith and Sam Westrop: The Origins of South Asian Islamism

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This episode features Akshar and Mukunda talking to Cliff Smith and Sam Westrop of the Middle East Forum. We get into topics surrounding the relevance of the Deobandi movement, how Islamism percolates between South Asia and the West, and the political ramifications of Islamism in the US and the UK.

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Ali Choudhury
Ali Choudhury
3 years ago

From their Twitter profiles and the ME Forum website, they look like a couple of standard issue think-tankers looking for Islamist militants and enemies under every bush. Except for in the Muslim countries which are friendly to Israel.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ali Choudhury

“Except for in the Muslim countries which are friendly to Israel.”

No, it’s pretty clear that they’re mainly focused on all the Muslims and Muslim organizations in the west.

And many of these groups have ties with South Asian Muslims (unsurprising because South Asia accounts for almost a third of the world’s Muslim population).

They’re looking where the funds and ties led them.

3 years ago

A sobering and an alarming podcast for Hindus. They continue to live in the la la land of “All religions are equal” “All paths lead to same truth” without realizing absolute contempt and revulsion their so called idolatry faith evokes for some of the Abrahamics. With a strong anti-pagan, anti-polytheistic theology as a foundation and desire to establish global hegemony, Christianity/Islam view Hinduism as faith that need to be eradicated. Though majority of the Abrahamic adherents might not care, there is still sizeable minority that view existence of Hinduism as an affront to their faith and eradication of Hinduism as a holy goal. With politics mixed and an unholy alliance of leftists/wokists/islamists will only create a giant target behind hindus who are hopelessly outnumbered and not equipped to deal with threat. On top of that, a strong desire among several hindus to prove themselves more liberal/woke will make things easy for their enemies.

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