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Nikki can’t express an opinion without being reminded that she’s actually Nimrata.

I’m not even sure “the political cat” is a desi account in which case it’s even more offensive..

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6 years ago

Is this male misogyny in action? I thought a woman has the freedom to love and respect her husband and adopt her husband’s family name. Guess I am not that smart.

Americans of south asian origin who moved to or we born in the US in the 1960s and 1970s have a different experience than south asian Americans who moved to the US or were born in the US later. There were almost no south asian Americans or Asian Americans in general back then. In school kids would give Asian American kids a nick name. Or companies would give Asian Americans nick names. This was extremely common among my friends who came to the US or were born in the US in the 1960s and 1970s. Having a nick name didn’t in any way represent a repudiation of one’s heritage, culture or religion. Quite the opposite in most of the cases that I know. Some Asian Americans preferred not to have their names murdered on a continual basis.

There is “NOTHING” wrong with adopting the nick name “Nikki”.

I am not aware of Nikki ever being publicly disrespectful of south asia or her ancestry (please correct me if I am wrong). I have always found Nikki Haley to be a very strong intelligent, thoughtful, sophisticated almost cerebral woman. She has an unusual amount of morale courage for a modern politician; plus a record of accomplishment–developing a broad consensus around removing the confederate flag and improving race relations is not easy. I have always found her vastly more impressive than most other American politicians of both parties, including Bobby Jindal (who seems far less courageous, far less authentic; and much more opportunistic). None of these observations have anything to do with her policies. It is entirely reasonable to have significant respectful differences with her on policy, which I do.

Zachary Latif, why are some men so ridiculous?

Nikki Haley, I understand, had both a Sikh and Methodist wedding ceremony and has attended religious ceremonies from both traditions. This is completely consistent with Guru Nanak, Sikhism, Hinduism and eastern faiths. Some of my closest relatives and friends have married Christians. There is “NOTHING” wrong with it. It is beautiful to have spiritual experiences with Yeshua ben Yoseph (Jesus). Many people I know from the entire rainbow of global religions have had experiences with Jesus. One of my relatives converted to Christianity because of such an experience. I think it is inappropriate to bash Nikki Haley for converting to Christianity.

Min mini pucci
Min mini pucci
6 years ago

@Zachary Latif
Is it possible for me to post Blog entries? Back in the old Brown Pundit, from several years back, you gave me the option to do so. I think I made just 2 Blog entries the whole time I was here.

I have a few articles in mind, that I would like to post as Blog entries.


Min mini pucci
Min mini pucci
6 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply Zach.

After I tried the “Register” function under Meta, I received a message stating an email was sent, but have not received any email from BP. So I will just wait for Omar then.

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