Something is rotten in the State of Dubai

The SD story isn’t adding up.

BK flies back to surprise his wife (he does back to back reverse flights, which is rough on anyone).

He just happens to be there when she has a massive heart attack and drowns in the tub.

Usually when people have a heart attack, they shout, exclaim or make some juddering noise..

How & why would someone as fit & slim as SD have such a major heart attack at the age of 55?

I incidentally went to a memorial service of a similar aged lady on the same day the news broke out. It was a heart attack but there were signs of ill health a year running up to that..

6 thoughts on “Something is rotten in the State of Dubai”

  1. Looks much more complicated.
    To begin with, she did not have a heart attach as per the death report issued.
    Her death was due to “accidental drowning” as per the death report. Why the doctor had to jump the gun and call it accidental? He could have just left it at drowning and left the “accidental” part to the investigators.
    The rich of the subcontinent find it easier to bend laws in Dubai than in the sub-continent. Despite the sub-continent being very corrupt, public scrutiny is much stronger here.

  2. To their credit, the State of Dubai (government) conducted itself responsibly. It is the desi glitterati who wanted to get away with their version of events that makes it rotten. Millions of admirers of the iconic star across the globe are ill served. May Sridevi rest in peace.

  3. You can have a heart attack at any age (Males above the age of 45 and females above the age of 55 are susceptible to it, however). There are also reports of alcohol intoxication and subsequent drowning. I leave it to the forensic pathologist to decide the cause of death.

    1. In the death report, it was mentioned as “accidental drowning”, though earlier it was speculated that there was a heart attack. The report also said there were “traces” of alcohol in the blood. What “traces” means, I leave it to your judgement.

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