Administrative note on this weblog

I don’t know most of the people who contribute to this weblog anymore. So I don’t know how to contact you. Can you please update your profile with an image icon so that it’s easy to see who is who?


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  1. OK I have updated a profile photo. I like to think I look like a mixed race Native Australian. I have a digiridoo and make noise from the instrument.

    My handle is since 1990 and have made comments since the soc.culture.india/sri-lankan era. Some are quite scurrilous.

    Anyway, made a comment on re Christianity in Sri Lanka. Apparently you knew all about the influence of Christianity in Sri Lanka. You were quite dismissive (thats a nice way of saying what you said).

    Maybe its an age thing. Intellectuals/academics can be quite nasty without resorting to four letter words. Four letter words in speech or writing does not make you “macho”.

    Anyway I do enjoy reading your writings on Genetics and allied subjects. I do cross post on FB and my blog (not of late, no time) is an indication of my high opinion of your analysis of original research done by others.

    But a little word or caution; some of us (me) dont have your level of intelligence. So please no four letter words.

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