Noble White Men and the humble brag

I have read 3 articles/posts in the the past 2 weeks of woke white men decrying their “privilege.” It was in the most random of places; the first was Instagram (the artist), the second was a week or so later when I was messing around with Medium (the techie) and the third today was in a London magazine (the editor’s piece).

One is a famous artist, the other is an editor of a magazine and the final is a tech millionaire.

I have a pretty solid bullshit detector and these statements of guilt just set it off.

The hypocrisy in our public discourse has now become so intense that the privileged are learning how to twist it in ever more imaginative ways.

Like all of us I was born with an array of advantages and disadvantages. I recognise I’m Munafiq (a hypocrite) and I contain a ton of contradictions. I won’t make public statement feeling guilty about my privileges, which is simply a convoluted way to show off.

If I really felt bad about my privilege I would resign from my job and give it to the underprivileged. The fact that I don’t do that means I’m pretty ambivalent about my “privilege” (whatever it is) and I should stfu about it.

It’s ok to show, I do it too, but it’s in poor taste to show off and be morally sanctimonious about it.

Only the truly great are truly humble; Shah Rukh and Prince William have no need to show off because they are the Kings of East & West..

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6 years ago

+1008 Zachary Latif

Virtue signaling, pretentious, condescending, patronizing, pitying, infantalizing, post modernist bigotry. Please become un “WOKE” again.

Most post modernists don’t understand the meaning of “privilege”. The vast majority of global privilege comes from three things:
-physical health (Sharira Siddhi)
-mental health (Chitta Shuddhi)
-intelligence (Buddhi)
These forms of “privilege” can partly be acquired by practice (Sadhana). Through acquiring these “privileges” a human can become a superhuman. Hope to elaborate more on this through articles on neuroscience and genetics.

6 years ago

Quite agree.
I would ray the readers/commenters on this site are global privileged elite probably within the top 5% in the world.

If not necessarily in income/assets in connections, education and opportunities.

Brown Pundits