Racing ahead..

I have many swirling thoughts I want to write on but little time to write on them.

However the above graph is mesmerising to watch as they’ve cleverly made it into a race track competition. The story of China, Japan, US and Germany are the ones to watch.

It would have perhaps been better to aggregate the EU as a singular entity to give a better perspective on its relative size & importance.

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  1. As a sucker for European history every time someone says EU i feel it should be Holy Roman Empire 😛

    1. Well, if you are already there…

      Many of Roman Emperors were Serbs. Markelin was one of them who changed the name of the West Roman Empire to Serbian&Italian Empire. This is pretty unknown (i.e. hidden fact). Because he did not have a successor, two sons of Dacian Serbia’s tzar Svevlad (today’s Romania), Ostroilo and Tocila inherited him in 490AC, Ostroilo in Serbia and Tocila in Italy. Serbia was according to the state-legal law, a direct successor and continuation of West Roman Empire which could historically claim the succession of the whole Empire territory. In the same time, the ruler of East Roman Empire in Constantinople (known from the 16th c. AC as Byzantine) was Justinian, who was also a Serb from Kosovo whose original name was Upravda Savatiev. Etc, etc, txs.

  2. India, Iran and Russia in November will complete the negotiations on the start of their mega-prototype – the international transport corridor North-South. It will be 7,200 kilometers long, but it is a serious competitor to Suez Canal. Because it will be a shorter and cheap route from the Indian Ocean to Eastern Europe in the Baltic Sea with St. Petersburg as the north end point.

    A triple project involves the transport of goods by rail, but also by water. The goods will move from the largest Indian port of Mumbai to the Iranian city of Bender-Abas, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. From there the railway will arrive to the Iranian city of Bender-Enzeli on the coast of the Caspian Sea. From there ships to the Russian port of Astrakhan and again by Russian rail to Europe.

    Moscow, Tehran and New Delhi claim that the transport of goods by the North-South corridor will be 30-40 percent cheaper than ships through the Suez Canal. And that it will take him much less time to reach many points in Europe.

    For example, the goods will arrive from Mumbai to Moscow by the corridor for 20 days faster than through Suez. The annual transport of 20-30 million tons of goods is planned by the Indian-Iranian-Russian corridor.

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