Browncast Episode 30: Philippe Lemoine on philosophy, politics, French immigration & The European Union

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Best with Bourdeaux

This week we talked to Phillipe Lemoine, a philosopher, pundit, and data scientist. Phillipe has his own blog, but I would also recommend his pieces in Jacobite magazine

Informally I think of this episode of the BrownCast as “frawg-talk.”. We addressed Phillipe’s intellectual journey, from computer scientist to philosopher of science to data scientist. How he got involved in various assorted issues, and hard-headed analysis of migration into France, as well as sanguine attitude toward the European Union.

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5 years ago

Listened to whole of the chat. Lemoine’s views on immigration into France are interesting and something one can sympathize with. i.e. people have a right to discuss dispassionately what good immigration brings to their societies ; why and how immigration is to be controlled. In India also it has become an election issue esp in the Northeast and may be WB. Pity France did not have this view of immigration when they were establishing colonies around the world and making very costly wars – costly in human terms – to oppose Independence movements in their çolonies’ Algerian war of independence perhaps costs 2 million human lives – mostly Algerians. Wars in Indo-China which ended ingloriously in Dien Bien Phu also cost perhaps a million lives. Even when France was occupied by Germany, it went on a colonial repression in Syria. France gave up bigger çolonial possessions’only after military defeats costing millions of lives.

5 years ago

Lemoine is the first ‘card carrying’ Analytic Philosopher from France. Usually French on keen on philosophers like Bergson, Sartre or Derrida , whose philosophies are looked upon as verbiage from Analytic side.

If Lemoine is to be believed , Analytic philosophers will lose their commitment and increasingly get into SJW bandwagon within 10 years.

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