Browncast Ep 36: Karl Smith, Communist to neoliberal

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On this episode, I talk to Karl Smith. A former economist, Smith is now a columnist at Bloomberg. Smith’s style is that of a nonpartisan neoliberal driven by empirical considerations, but he actually has a very interesting background as someone who came out of an orthodox Marxist family. He was raised, quite literally, as a Bolshevik.

We also talk about his experiences being a relatively heterodox black American public intellectual, and how both of us see how racism has played out in our lives and in the country at large.

Finally, we discuss what we see in store for the United States in the future on the global stage.

We would definitely appreciate more positive reviews. Many of you listen to us, but don’t leave any reviews!

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4 years ago

Be prepared: once Karl is inevitably brought onto the board of the Federal Reserve, all those aspiring to a seat will start beating a path to the Browncast!

I actually registered for Twitter because Karl’s Modeled Behavior blog shifted onto there, although the less interesting Adam Ozimek tweeted the most (and now operates the account by himself).

H. M. Brough
H. M. Brough
4 years ago

I have a lot of respect for Dr. Smith. A smart man who speaks his mind and is unafraid to stand up to modern leftist orthodoxies (though he seems left-leaning personally, he’s not a doctrinaire type.)

Curt Doolittle
Curt Doolittle
4 years ago

Been following Karl for a long time. The only honest liberal i can find.

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