Iranian Ghee

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A fascinating video about food from Kermanshah. I got confused initially that it was Kerman but this is the Kurdish Kerman. The city’s name has a very interesting story and they also have an extremely exotic minority, which I had only first heard about a few weeks ago (when I first read the article I assumed the religious minority in question were Bahais):

In need of life-saving surgery, he was promised refuge in America. Just 15 months later, he died — still waiting

How the travel ban left a family of Iranian refugees stranded in Turkey

Anyway back to the original topic the reason why food is so *delicious* in Kermanshah (the most integrated Kurdish city in Iran because it’s inhabitants are Shi’ite) is because they use copious amounts of ghee.

While Iranian food is flavourful the most signature dishes also tend to be variants on Iraqi-Syrian food (grilled meat). Similarly the most delicious and well-known Turkish food comes from Gaziantep, which is on the Syrian border (and was a mixed city).

I am increasingly coming round to the idea (first floated by a Lahori friend of mine) that Arabic food is best when it comes to balancing taste and health.

I find it very difficult to eat Desi food healthily. There is just not enough protein in the diet and way too many carbs (rice & bread are accompaniments).

I’m sure it sounds like an oversimplified cliche but the Bedouin/nomadic food items of meat, spices & yogurt pared with the Mediterranean diet seems the ideal combination. It’s little wonder that Lebanese food is one of the world’s great cuisines; maybe not on par or as well known as Indian, Chinese, Franco-Italian but sort of like the Thai food of West Asia.

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4 years ago

The merits of Persian cuisine have been discussed on BP before. I remember some claiming it was overrated. I personally enjoy a koobideh kebab and polow and other common menu items that outsiders gravitate to. Persians do aesthetics well, so sometimes a spread looks 10/10 but the flavor is pleasing but a bit underwhelming.
Some of India’s coastal food lends itself to a good balance. Lots of fish, coconut, fruits and vegetables. For starch you have red unpolished rice, scale down the quantity a bit and you don’t get weighed down. On a really rustic level, people eat more raw vegetables and leafy greens along with the hot cooked items.
How experimental have you gotten on your trips to Chennai?

4 years ago

Our community needs equivalent of Amber Alert Program at international level.

4 years ago

Most interesting that ancient original name of bengal is in fact, Gaud.

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