3 thoughts on “Moody’s backs Modi, upgrades India’s sovereign rating for first time in 14 years”

  1. In a short time a majority of the world’s billionaires will be Asians. The biggest threat confronting Asia is values. Second biggest threat is Islamists. Third biggest threat is jealousy from the rest.

  2. I wouldn’t agree with the word “jealousy”, if it applies to Europeans [blacks/Africans I think that term is more appropriate]. I think the more precise word would be “trepidation”, and the essence is that they will no longer be top dogs or all that important anymore.

    They are afraid of Asia’s rise, more than anything else. It’s why you will see them condescendingly cheer on certain sections of the population whom they feel [at the time] “know their place”, and take an exorbitant amount of their angst out on other groups they feel don’t. In other words, favour the folks who “fit in” [i.e. take their cues from us in all things], but take a great dislike to “challengers” to the throne.

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