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    1. Rohit’s threads are nonsense as usual, I’m just surprised at how eager he is about citing Paknationalists, he was doing this in the aftermath of Pulwama too.

      Don’t take him too seriously, he’s just mad about the BJP winning and wants to pick fights.

      Akhand Bharat was nothing more than an internet meme. Nobody ever seriously cared about it or took steps to implement it.

        1. I did read the thread, there’s no twist. From the thread’s end:

          “How do we reconcile that sense of historic and often genuine Hindu victimhood”

          Over the years, he has frequently made these pronouncements about “Hindu victimhood” and “wounded [Hindu] civilization,” but

          1) He’s always very vague on what that “victimhood” actually entails.
          2) He’s always very vague on what he intends to do about it.

          Given where his stated political sympathies lie (on the Left, with the Dynasty and the INC), it’s a safe bet that the goal of his thread is simply to pick fights with Internet Hindus while doing nothing to address said “victimhood.”

          “And yes @ZaidZamanHamid is right that when the defeated Hindus in 1947 finally thought India was one, Muslims split it—-and just to be clear—almost perfectly according to population proportion. 30-35 percent of Muslim population: 30-35 percent of what was hitherto India. Gone.”

          This is dumb. I think Partition was GREAT from the perspective of giving us a chance to revive and advance Hindu civilization. Why on earth would I think it was a defeat?

  1. https://youtu.be/cExWT1lH8Go

    The media has a tendency to talk about negative things, but this is an account of the immense changes convulsing India, and how lower and lower middle class people are achieving upward mobility.

  2. Anyone here live in Manchester? Can you give us any hope that we’ll have a game tomorrow?

    1. It’s ok. The book was better.

      The thing with the both sides ( hindu right , liberals ) is they caricature the other too much.

      1. @Saurav
        Yes, there is quite a bit of a lampooning of the Hindutva right in the series, although if you look for them, you will find all the tropes in media reports in recent years, so they’re not entirely unfounded. If Netflix India can get out of this unscathed, I’ll be a lot more comfortable with the present government. My feeling is that I don’t think the government will take any action as such, but certain lesser enlightened sections of society will make a lot of noise. For some reason, the show has been tagged as ‘sci-fi’ and ‘cyberpunk’ although the only technological advance in the next 30 years that I can see is holographic projections. Since the series was filmed in the Delhi/NCR region, as a Delhi’ite an added distraction for me was trying to identify the locations. One entire sequence appears to have been filmed in Nehru Place, which is just half a kilometre from where I live!

      2. I get it. But i feel there are others aspects of the right which you can exaggerate. This sort of idea, that the Hindu right is some relic of the past which follows orthodox rituals and stuff, is the reason why the liberals are still stuck in that Piss drinker-purity tester caricature of the right. When you even dont know you enemy and how far ahead it has moved, you will get rude shocks like May 2019.

        On the show getting banned or not, i feel Netflix is getting close and close but its not their yet. Its being on the streaming services allows them a certain degree of freedom and security which movies/tv serials don’t have. I would like to see what they do with Sacred games though, if they move in the direction which i think they are moving( the writer of the series is a bonafide left liberal) then all bets are off.

        1. It’s ok, I want the Lefties to think of us as hidebound piss-drinkers (so long as we can get a counternarrative out). If they don’t take us seriously, they are certain to lose.

  3. I feel the key to dissolving the shackles of Islam rests in anthropology as well as the creation of regenerate Art. Drama as an art form cannot exist in absence of a Natural Beauty. Islam and Chindia r conspiring to cut off tribal racial ethnic roots of Afpak peoples. This will not end well. Islam in its most fanatic form destroys Beauty whereas caste system in theory protects Culture and Beauty. China’s one belt one road is gencidal to last remaining pure ancient AryaCaucasian peoples. Hands off Afpak region Kakocratic Chindia! fyi
    Interesting article Below:

      1. Make it Turko-Mongol, and this is a pretty good approximation.

        Vast swathes of central asia were Indo European speaking till about 1500 years ago. Turkic expansion, and subsequent Mongol conquests changed the linguistic texture of the area forever.

  4. Hari Vishnu pure Arya
    Appa water in Sanskrit

    Hari App An Ann is grains they r Arya 2 Dr Frawley knows all about distant past Druid migrations out of India to Ireland.
    Vishnu is objectively most beautiful. His colouration is brownish gold etc. Source: Katha of some Gyani on TV durdsrshan

    Note Brahminical blood has jew admixture. This was reported at website blog now defunct. Also top destroyers of environment in kakistocracy of Chindia r jews. Their fugly photos can be seen at Vadakayil blog.

    Remember Indus is spotless. Ganges is filthy. The apefaced races have always existed according to Stephen Knapp, an iskcon scholar.

    My research into true history continues. It is matter of connecting the dots so to speak and also relying upon intuition. Attempting to understand our history thru the study of books penned by our mortal enemies dishonours Our illustrious Ancestors. History lives in the blood and bones, not in a book by donkey doniger or other fraud academicians.

    I really like trance music. But I am wary of possible
    Subliminal messages that might be a bit detrimental to cause of Beauty.
    What lurks within is as important as physical shell.
    Beautiful mind, body, heart and soul. Natural beauty is priceless. The fugliest face online I have seen is apefaced mix with chinky. At one time pure Aryans resided in Japan. What is true hom land of Chinaman? Is it Africa cause some Khoisan look like chinaman. Osho says aussieabbo could communicate with trees. But, I have read that Aussie abbo brutalized their womenfolk.
    Domestic harmony is major plank of ideal American life as decided upon by founding fathers.
    Arranged marriage or forced marriage with huge age gap is horrid. Really to get back to ideal wonder that was india we need a marriage bureau. All problems r caused by poor parenting. And beauty in absence of wealth is exploited badly. In fact, in kakistocracy that is plutocratic, Natural beauty is a liability. For shame. It really is kaljewg. Only Satguru is disease free. Ponder upon Him and become disease free. As one thinks so one becomes. “Whole body is composed of thoughts” words of Captain Mangat a retired airline pilot and now a specialist in Constellational Cultural Astronomy. (Jyotish)
    Final point, the divine consorts of Satgurus of Sikhi were nothing like fugly bhappey of today. Wives of Satguru were objectively beautiful, fair/Gori/white.
    Beautiful disease free individuals have an inalienable right to life upon this Earth planet. Earth is not for cannibals or dog eaters or cow killers. Garuda and Matsya for their sake halt harming flying animals pankhian and swimming animals fish. Why people jealous of good swimmers and natural flyers?


  5. Ahimsa indeed; Ahimsa is foundation of actual genuine Bhagti
    What to do when kakistocratic govt’s practise terror against law abiding God-fearing citizens?


    Life~Affirming music video above — the very definition of exalted noble concept of absolute premRasPyar

  6. Imran Khan – ZOom ZoOm | Unforgettable 2 | Official Music Video 2016 | IK Records
    The guy in the video looks justifiably aggrieved. Someone please right the injustices of Earthly life.

  7. What is the Pakistani view of Iran’s Velayat-e Faqih model of government? Pakistan is an Islamic republic with a secular constitution. What do the sunni Islamic groups in Pakistan say about Iran’s Islamic Republic?

  8. Will Hong kong movement eventually get into China? What is the role of Christian Chinese ?

  9. (I know there aren’t too many cricket fans around here, but……)

    Congratulations to Bangladesh, and welcome to the Big Leagues!

  10. so my kids are ‘white looking.’ gotta say that FOBs are the most shameless about staring at me with them. (i was at an amusement park for father’s day)

    1. Staring seems very South Asian.
      I sometimes catch myself doing it..

      Even little kids will just stare at someone new, not even different.

      Very obvious when traveling by public transport, as children will turn around from seat and stare.

      Looks intimidating or annoying. Just smile and see the smiles in return.

      One of my AfAm friends son who visited me in SL, taught me that.

  11. BP needs to be more careful of some of the people it is inviting.

    @retributions with his terribly sexist dealings with women on twitter
    “No, sweetheart: I don’t have any minority security; I mock Indian Americans; I rant about minorities in India where as a majority I have nothing to worry about that. You dialed the wrong number. You are the guys with 80 percent majority who are perpetual victimhood peddlers.”

    A certain Shoaib Daniyal with terrible background of “gay f***ts” comments on non-straight people.

    Nobody is suggesting that these people should not be invited. But rather that carelessly retweeting their tweets, one ought to be critical of these people.

    1. I had no idea re Shoaib- he seems a nice enough person.

      Do you have a link to his comments?

      Who is Rohit?

      It gets into the debate of zero-platform speakers for their views etc

      1. we’re an international weblog. offensive mileage may vary (hello ‘pedophile prophet’). i’d be cautious about acknowledging the new left-SJW purity norms on platforming. mostly cuz then half the time is spent on arguments on who it’s OK to talk to or not.

        1. Yeah could never understand what this platforming business was.

          In India, it has come back to bite the left-liberal themselves as after the #metoo campaign the “woke” folks have been de-platformed and going out of business , while the conservative folks accused are still going on with their jobs. LOL

  12. Negationism in India: Hiding the true history of Islam – Koenraad Elst


    In the Pakistani version of history Hindukush (Hindu slaughter) mountains were named so because the ancestors of modern day Hindus of India were slaughtered there . Talk about negationism!

  13. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jun/19/uighur-author-dies-following-detention-in-chinese-re-education-camp

    Uighur author dies following detention in Chinese ‘re-education’ camp

    “China initially denied the existence of the camps in the far western region of Xinjiang, which is home to about 12 million Muslims. But last year, it began rebranding them as “free vocational training”; a BBC report on Tuesday showed a teacher describing inmates as “affected by religious extremism”, and saying that the purpose of the camps was “to get rid of their extremist thoughts”. It is estimated that a million Uighurs and other Muslims are currently detained.”

  14. For cricket fans who watched India vs Pakistan

    This is not a joke but true as it may be!
    India vs Pakistan last Sunday, hope you all enjoyed!

    During the match commentary I heard a commentator saying “Hard dick to fuck her”!!!

    I was surprised. I thought by mistake he was watching something and that audio was caught by the microphone.

    Then I looked at the TV and I saw Hardik to Fakhar !!

    1. sbarrkum

      Bro, what;s up with SL cricket though? Was the 90s and 2000s SL team a once in a lifetime generation of players, and SL team is struggling to groom another set of quality players?

      1. Saurav,

        Not a cricket fan, but I hear/read lot of interference in selection process.

        Because of big money politicians/cricket official want their relatives/friends to be included in the team.

        All the same Sri Lankans dont mind loosing, its all the game.

        The saying in English
        Win or Loose
        We booze

        In Sinhalese,
        Nava Gilunath
        ban choon

        Even if the ship sinks
        Band Tunes

        I guess a play on the Titanic sinking

  15. Was surprised to hear praise about India’s new UPI / BHIM app payments system on a hacker news thread on H1B restrictions…


    Historically one would never expect this level of competence from anything associated with the Indian bureaucracy.

    Also apparently India has an AI strategy.


    I just glanced at it briefly, nothing terribly bad stood out to me. (One minor dumb graphic about broad AI vs narrow AI). But overally seems surprisingly good, as well.

  16. “Pakistan Pashtun activists say leader arrests herald state crackdown”


    ““In the past, they wanted to stop protests. Now they want to stop the movement,” Pashteen, who says he is the only member of the group’s core leadership not in custody, told Reuters. “They have directly arrested the leadership and begun a campaign to malign them (on social media).”

    “Kifayat Azad, a close aide of Dawar and Wazir, told Reuters that 13 civilians were killed in the incident. At least 25 PTM members were arrested in the following days, he said, of whom 10 have since been released on bail.”

    “Another senior member and human rights advocate, Gulalai Ismail, is in hiding after being threatened with arrest. Her father told Reuters security officials routinely search their home and harass the family without providing a warrant.”

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