Genetics of Maharashtra Deshastha Brahmin

A Maharashtra Deshastha Brahmin sent me his sample. He plots with the Maharashtra Kayastha. He’s much more like a South Indian Brahmin than a North Indian Brahmin. The Maharashtra Saraswat Brahmin seems more north shifted.

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  1. Rahul Ligma appears to be of Maori/Polynesian descent, a male Moana if you will. Interesting how his appearance overlaps with Polynesians and indigenous Latin Americans. I’ve noticed that within South Asia, apart from most Southern and Central states, and some Easterners (all of whom tend to have a conspicuous Dravidian look associated with South Asia) most Western/Northern and NW South Asians of lower and middle castes look either like indigenous Latinos or Polynesians/SE Asians.

    Cliff Curtis is a perfect example of this — a Maori actor whose appearance is similar to both certain South Asians like Rahul and also some Latin Americans. This tells us that certain strains of AASI are phenotypically identical to indigenous Latin Americans and indigenous SE Asians and Polynesians. It also means that AASI in the North is purely a mix of West and East Eurasian and is devoid of Onge and Australoid components.

    No wonder Ligma clusters close to groups like Patels— they have always appeared like non-White Latinos to me, with the bulk being indigenous and mestizo and a small minority being Harnizos like Amisha Patel. Castizos are essentially non-existent and have ancestry from non-Patel groups while Criollos simply don’t exist among them. The same goes for upper caste Marathis, who look Latin/SE Asian admixed and like Pacific Islanders too.

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