Rome’s Colosseum turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law

Shame on Pakistan

My wife gets very offended if I ever compare India and Pakistan in the same breath. I have to agree with her; whatever India’s handicaps, Pakistan is spiralling into a vortex of shame, hate & regressiveness.

Does this have to do with Islam? Maybe maybe not.

But the future is not Pakistan.

It is rapidly becoming the Land of the Impure

8 thoughts on “Rome’s Colosseum turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law”

  1. I don’t know Zach. People get killed in Pakistan for “blasphemy”. People get lynched in India for eating beef. In any case, the guy is dead. I don’t think it makes much difference to the dead person what they were killed for.

    India is better than Pakistan in a lot of things, but again being better than Pakistan is a very low bar to clear (and I say that as a Pakistani).

    1. The State of India doesn’t lynch people
      The State of Pakistan imprisons people for Blasphemy
      It’s wrong to compare Pakistan & India

      1. The State of India stands by and lets people be lynched. There were a whole bunch of cases over the last two years. South Asia has a lot of issues.

        I don’t think comparing India and Pakistan is super useful. But since you brought it up in your post, the difference is one of degree not of kind.

        1. I disagree; I agree with the Hindutva commentators on BP that the Rule of Law in India fundamentally embraces tolerance while it doesn’t do so in Pakistan.

          Anyone can become a PM in India (Modi is not a Brahmin); only non-Ahmedi Muslims can do so in PAK.

          It is insulting to India to be bracketed in the same league but tolerance is embedded in the DNA of the Indian statewhile intolerance is embedded in the DNA of the Pakistani State.

          1. “Tolerance is embedded in the DNA of the Indian State”–Perhaps that used to be true. Not anymore when those who want a Hindu Rashtra are in charge. Please don’t forget that Mr. Modi is known among Muslims as the butcher of Gujarat. It was under his watch that a massive pogrom happened and Indian police stood by as Muslims were raped, killed and burned alive. Those Muslims were citizens of India. Modi never apologized for this incident, except in the most general way. That he is Prime Minister of India is not a good sign of the way things are going (and I don’t believe for a moment that people voted for “vikas”. They understood the dog whistles that the majority community was supposed to hear).

            There are only 22 Muslims in the current Lok Sabha. That says something about the country:

            India has never had a Muslim Prime Minister nor is it likely to have one in the near future. It is true that a non-Muslim cannot be PM of Pakistan and I am not going to defend that. Yet it is also true that Pakistan is an “Islamic Republic” while India is (still) a constitutionally secular state.

            Making India out to be better than Pakistan serves no purpose. But we can agree to disagree on this issue.

  2. People in India get lynched for eating beef. People in Pakistan [potentially] get lynched for blasphemy. In one case it’s Hinduism. In another it’s Islam. The common thread is religion, which bolsters this type of crazy behavior.

    Zachary has pointed out that the Indian state does not imprison/attack people for their religious beliefs, whereas the Pakistan state does. But this is surely because the institutions and government in India have a far more robust index of secularism, as compared with Pakistan. So basically mitigating as much crazy religious belief as possible.

    So the common theme is…

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