The Patiala Problem

We’ve convened a Guft-e-Guh for the Cambridge coloured community. A very interesting story was relayed. One of the kids is from a very middle class Hindu (cobbler) neighbourhood in Patiala (Sikh city). They mentioned the fear that the Hindus felt when they saw men in Muslim costumes walk through the neighbourhood (Patiala is of course […]

Nasim Zehra’s Book on Kargil. Review by Maj Amin

  Review from Major Amin.  NASIM ZEHRAS TOO LATE AFTER THE EVENT KARGIL BOOK ANALYSED Agha H Amin My first issue with this book is that analysis delayed is analysis lost and Nasim Zehra is guilty of publishing this analysis some 20 years late. Before that she was in the good books of many culprits […]

Browncast into June….

Thanks to everyone who is a patron on the Browncast. I’ll be posting a few more in there today (or very early tomorrow). We won’t be posting anything in public until June 1st. Our podcasts tend to go longer, rather than shorter. Perhaps it’s a brown thing? In any case, regular podcasts of 1+ hours […]