Browncast into June….

Thanks to everyone who is a patron on the Browncast. I’ll be posting a few more in there today (or very early tomorrow). We won’t be posting anything in public until June 1st. Our podcasts tend to go longer, rather than shorter. Perhaps it’s a brown thing? In any case, regular podcasts of 1+ hours mean that our month quota gets used up regularly.

I won’t be recording too many podcasts for the next month (I may jump on one here and there depending on my availability), but that’s fine because there are already several in the pipeline. Here is a preview:

  • Discussion about the Indian elections. Kushal and Zach almost get into a (friendly) shouting match on this one
  • I talk about Game of Thrones, fantasy, and neuroscience, with Adam Calhoun
  • A discussion with an Israeli American about living in Israel, and perceptions of Israel abroad.
  • A discussion about open science with “data thug” Jordan Anaya
  • A discussion between me and two young millennial tech-bro browns about navigating American society
  • A discussion of Game of Thrones with a historian and a geneticist (this is not recorded yet)

One of the reasons I’ll be taking a break is that I’ve been podcasting pretty intensively recently. I’ve been putting out a podcast every week for my main science one since the end of January, and have gotten about 2 months ahead there (that’s what recording on weekends and two or three times a week sometimes will do).

I will be focusing on other projects for a bit, and not podcasting will make my schedule more flexible.

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