41 thoughts on “Noorie Abbas / We SHOULD Have Confidence in Modi’s Government”

      1. Arjun,
        It detracts from other points
        I saw those points too.

        I did not think was a good debater.
        Seemed she had to look at her notes after each sentence.

    1. Scorpo mind ur fingers blud. Or wallahi my long shamshir will mind them for u bruvz. Muslim cleavage for Muslim appendage only!


      1. LoL. Jaggu bro I will qabool to Islam, just for that cleavage.
        Arjun bro, sorry but that cleavage is the most distracting part of the video. Can’t help it.

  1. The description on the video says

    *The speaker in this video is a competitive debater, and therefore the views expressed may not necessarily represent their beliefs.*

    The person making the argument (might) not believe in the argument them self ?

    1. Her last name is Abbas, it’s pretty obvious what her actual views on the BJP are.

      1. Lol, i know.. but still.

        I have been told here not to make generalizations depending on caste/region/religion

      2. it’s pretty obvious what her actual views on the BJP are.

        LoL. With cleavage like that, who cares what her actual views are…

        1. Didn’t you hear the arranged marriage podcast? The guest said the rules were “No Blacks and No Muslims.” There are no exceptions made for “cleavage.”

    2. For debaters who look at debating just as a debate and not necessarily representative of their own views, they can fight for either side in order to equip themselves with arguments and counter arguments from both sides. It only helps in sharpening their debating skills.
      For example buddhists, vedantins, in order to sharpen their debating skills, they switch sides. So buddhists can fight for the side of vedantins to truly understand the inner working of vedantins and then come back to buddhist side as they are now equipped with better understanding of vedantins arguments.

  2. Oxford union is so undergraduate…

    PS: Lol I can almost taste my curmudgeonly cynicism 🙂

  3. Brit South Asians seem somewhat provincial compared to their US counterparts.
    Also never understood this Brit fascination with desi costumes in non-cultural events. Can’t imagine an Indian American wearing a saree to a university debate.

    1. Bro the Pakistan cricket captain wore a shalwar kameez In the icc photo session. I vote kohli wearing a lungi next

      1. I actually love saris (on women). I am just saying that Indian Americans usually don’t wear ethnic wear to non-ethnic/cultural events. It’s not good or bad, it just is.

        And Britain in general seems provincial compare to the US. Somebody with a few hundred million dollars would be a big deal there. Here they are dime a dozen just where I live

          1. The Pak undergrad population of Oxbridge are more often scions of the elite than BritPaks.

            Inverse for the Indians where the undergrads are mostly British Indians.

            India has a much better higher education system than PAK..

  4. Is someone testing an AI comment bot based on subcontinental troll comments as training data

    Fails the turing test, but still scarily impressive.

  5. I didnt realize Pakistani women wear saris.

    In Pakistan would women be able to go out in public places with low cleavage like in video.

    1. Many Pakistani women wear saris, especially on formal occasions. Those who belong to the Muhajir community continue to wear them as part of their cultural traditions. For instance, my grandmother was from Agra and wore saris all her life. My mother (though a Punjabi) also wears them, especially to parties.

      Of course, due to cultural conservatism, women are very conscious about the type of blouse they wear and that the pallu should cover the chest.

      1. Kabir and Indthings

        Different out here in SL.

        Even mamas with large tatas have half of it hanging out.

        There was some fuss about sleeveless blouses being immodest. (I am out of the loop in this type of stuff, been in the boondocks).
        The response seemed even lower cut blouses and more midriff.
        Given that waists of women (and men) are expanding there is enough acreage of midriff to be displayed.

      2. I think Sari and all are perhaps a throwback to the older generation. I dont think it seen as Pakistani but more like an ethnic clothing reserved for some cultural events (not that different from how born in US Indians wear to Diwali, Garba etc)

  6. (Sartorial comment: microphone needs to be clipped somewhere, which explains what you all saw. Look closely.)

    Now, some comments on the contents of the debate please! (Though we didn’t get to hear the other side.)

  7. There are other videos on the playlist where you hear from the other side/ It mostly meh

    1. Once you’ve heard one anti-Modi take you’ve heard them all tbh. Mostly they just copypaste talking points that basically could have been written any time since 2014.

  8. FOTB Indians v Brit Indians in OxCam:

    One of the reasons of the lack of freshies in OxCam is that Indians (esp STEM) do not think highly of UK unis compared to American ones. This is a trend that started off by generations of IIT grads from the 60s onwards and is still the dominant fad.

    1. I meant the undergraduate contingent. Indian undergrads don’t go abroad as much PAK undergrads

      Also V’s department and her supervisors at Cam are the world authority (albeit in a narrow field). That’s the trick with Oxbridge and British education; they are specialists in really narrow fields as opposed to the Americans..

      Funny fact her “supervision lineage” goes all the way back to Gauss! the irony is that she works on GPs, Gaussian Processes.

      1. Going abroad for undergraduate degrees requires money as there is less financial aid available. This is why most Indian students first acquire a bachelor’s degree before applying to foreign universities.

      2. “I meant the undergraduate contingent. Indian undergrads don’t go abroad as much PAK undergrads”

        I’d think that’s a good thing.
        We have some decent colleges and universities. More are coming up. Need to build even more over the next few decades.
        Post-graduate education and research is still an area of concern, though.

      3. Indian undergrads do go abroad as much, the difference is India’s post undergrad folks swarm them (which doesnt happen with Pakistanis) . India’s economy allows a deluge of Upper middle -middle class ordinary folks outside the elite to pursue education out of India

        The old money elite of India and Pakistan have exactly the same taste (in liberalism, matters of religion, food and wine, and their progeny pursuing education in UK,US)

    2. Is it just a fad? Aren’t American universities objectively better at STEM than British ones?

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