Mother Ganga can gift you votes (and water)

She has made you the tallest man in the land, and she needs to be nutured (back to good health) now so that the votes (and the water) keep flowing. India will resemble Pakistan even more as she switches from rail to roads (why?). There will be a hard push to get more BJP seats in the un-Indias- Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Bengal, and….Axom(???). Bengal and Odisha may be the most promising of  the lot, Kerala/TN will have to be long-term projects (20 years).

We are no experts but some of this seems dreamy-eyed and wrong-footed. If we were leading the charge, the immediate goal would have been to make sure that the dynasty does not recover. Right now the popular pressure is towards dumping Rahul and anointing Priyanka. Hit the soft spot hard- the crooked damad who said the famous words – I am a mango man in a banana republic. This man, who was the sole person permitted (by name) to go through airline security without screening (yes we know, petty stuff). Make an airtight case against him (put Ashok Khemka in charge) throw him into Tihar and throw away the keys.
So CEO Modi has laid down five flagship projects as top priority.
These would include economic, social and political projects. ….It is
with this in mind that a complete revamp in the sectors of road,
railways, freight transport and ports is being plan­ned. Immediate
action would be seen on the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Calcutta corridors.
Modi’s emphasis, sources say, will be to shift freight transport from
railways to road and to reduce oil import.

Modi’s team confirms that attention will be paid to the revamp of
ports, in fact a complete facelift is being planned.
Team Modi is
looking at possibilities of opening newer ports and competence delivery
will be top focus. Modi, sources say, is also keen on turning around the
coal, steel and power sectors
with focus “first on solving the current
mess in the coal sector and then working towards providing quality power
generation”. Special attention will be paid to the Northeast. 

On the social projects front, the Ganga will remain Modi’s pet
project once he takes charge of the government as prime minister. 

Sources concede that the Ganga project has political significance for Modi which is why Team Modi has been told to have a special plan in
place revolving around the river. A team member says, “Electoral
dividends for Modi came from the Ganga belt of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Both the BJP and Modi know that if we want to keep that goodwill coming
our way from that region intact, then something concrete needs to be
done for that region.”

No doubt, politically, the Gangetic belt is an important region for the
BJP and particularly Modi, considering many party MPs come from that
area. As a result, Modi has asked his team to have a three-pronged
approach towards the Ganga project. In the pipeline is a massive
clean-up programme for the Ganga, followed by a flood control management
scheme. That done, Modi wants to put in place a water tourism economy
plan around the Ganga
that would help generate not just employment but
even transport opportunities through the river. “We will also ensure
that the river generates an economy around itself, which is why water
transport for goods and water tourism on the Ganga will be emphasised
upon,” a source revealed.

Those close to Modi confirm that he would be looking at the next five
years also as a time to consolidate his position politically. On the
agenda therefore is an expansion plan for his party.

Modi would therefore be working hard on increasing the imprint of his
party in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam.
A source explains, “In future elections, we don’t want to be dependent
solely on the Hindi heartland for an election victory.
These states then
become very important bases for us and Modi is clear he wants a massive
geographical expansion to ensure that.” 



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