The Crime of Being a Dalit

RAJKOT: A 23-year-old youth was bludgeoned to death near Palara Central Jail in Bhuj on Tuesday night. Police said the murder was the result of a love affair. Police said the victim, identified as Jaideep Garwa, a Dalit resident of Kotai village of Bhuj taluka was in love with a woman from the Muslim community. Youth murdered over love affair […]

Economic Modernization in Late British India: Hindu-Muslim Differences

I. The Question of Why India’s Muslims Are Poorer than Its Hindus India’s Muslim minority—as of the early twenty-first century, around 12% of its ethnically and religiously diverse population—lags behind the country’s Hindu majority economically. The average household income for Muslims is 76.6%, and per capita income 72.4%, of the corresponding figure for Hindus. In […]

Political Engineering in Pakistan. The Military View

From our regular contributor, Dr Hamid Hussain Following piece about recent clouds on Pakistan’s scene was mainly for non-Pakistani audience as many questions/confusions came my way.   This is an attempt to understand the view from barracks although I strongly oppose such moves from military.  This is first of two part. Second part will deal with […]