Ram temple

Thanks to readers of this weblog I know something is going on with Ayodha in India today. Two stories I read. First, Slate, a liberal American publications, Why a Giant Hindu Deity Is Appearing in Times Square on Wednesday. Second, Al Jazeera, India: Modi to lay Ayodhya temple foundation to push Hindu agenda. I don’t […]

Looking to the east: a different secularism than the West

Why Hagia Sophia, Turkey And The Charismatic Figure Of Erdogan Bristle With Resonances For India: The Hagia Sophia reconversion ultimately points to the failure of the Kemalist project of top-down secularism. Much like the state secularism of nationalist authoritarian leaders in Egypt, Iran, Iraq etc had failed to lead to the secularisation of the wider […]

The gods of place

Two books recently have made me wonder about the insights into the development of religion and culture in the Indian subcontinent. The Final Pagan Generation: Rome’s Unexpected Path to Christianity explicitly makes an analogy to local Hindu gods and shrines to allow us to conceptualize what pre-Christian Roman religion was like. The whole city was […]

Cultural evolution at work!

‘God Will Protect Us’: Coronavirus Spreads Through an Already Struggling Pakistan: And the extremist clerics who often heckle or march against the civilian government, with the tacit approval of the military, are refusing to help. They largely ignored Mr. Khan’s call to limit Friday prayer gatherings. And even after the military deployed to try to […]