Aqlima. Daughter of Adam

A translation (by Ruchira Paul) of Pakistani Feminist poet Fahmida Riaz’s poem Aqlima (daughter of Adam and Eve) Audio in the poet’s own voice. (mislabeled as another poem). Aklima jo Habil aur Kabil ki maa jaani hai maa jaani, magar muqtalif muqtalif beech raano ke aur pistanon ki ubhaar mein aur apne pait ke andar […]

The 1965 War. A Summary by Major Amin

Major Amin is a Pakistani military historian who has written extensively about the Pakistan army (and other military history topics). Since both India and Pakistan have decided to try and outdo each other in claiming that the war was an emphatic victory for their side, I have copied and pasted one of his old articles […]