Who is Mudassar Bukhari?

In the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup, the Netherlands just defeated England by a margin of 45 runs. England, chasing a modest total of 133 crashed out for 88 instead.   After recovering from the initial shock, we note that a Dutchman named Mudassar Bukhari has been responsible for the devastation (3 wickets for 12 […]

Erdogan cant bowl (can he throw?)

The man behind the screen usually comes off as pitiful when the spotlight lights up the (dark) spots. In the ICC T20 World Cup ongoing in Bangladesh here is an excerpt from the Guardian live commentary during the India-Australia match which just got over: Geoff Lemon (commentator for the Guardian) writes: So may I enquire […]

Ink more expensive than perfume

It is the font, stupid!!! Just change to Garamond and watch Uncle Sam pocket a cool $400 million/year. Bam!!! just like that, all budgetary donut-holes mysteriously disappear, and the lions (republicans) and the lambs (minorities surviving only on food stamps) can relax together in peace (under influence of legal pot of course). If it seems […]

Lying liars are “playing with fire”

Trust us. Really, we never snoop, or share your personal data, except this one time when we slipped up. Please believe in our mea culpas and re-invest your faith in us. In today’s closely knit relationship between security states (USA is proud to be #1, even ahead of China) and strongman companies, it is reasonable […]

The nine sisters of the North-East

We, the denizens of North-Eastern India know that it is considered as a backward area that most  Indians will never visit over their lifetimes. Man Mohan Singh is supposedly the Rajya Sabha MP from Axom but he remains a stranger to his (adopted) state. The North-East has large cohorts of non-Hindus (majority Protestant denominations) who […]

The $2 Billion (virtual) reality

Facebook is on a buying spree these days, enterprising BPites (especially the innovative young hipsters) can also think of pitching their stuff. Good luck!!! Facebook is buying Oculus VR, a startup that makes virtual reality headsets, in a $2 billion deal. Occulus VR founder Palmer Luckey explains reality to his young fans:  …. I’ve always […]

Monsters Inc

The Americans are cutting their losses (who can blame them), Karzai is straddling the fence (he is fooling himself) and the evil people are free to scare little kids. It sounds just like a fairy (horror) tale but there will be many more true stories like this from Taliban controlled Af-Pak territory. It is beyond […]