What does Ajit Pai’s race have anything to do with net neutrality?

This comedian has some choice words for the FCC chairman pic.twitter.com/QKEalkZaWd — NowThis (@nowthisnews) November 25, 2017 Not a surprise that Hari Kondabolu goes there. The problem with making everything about racial dynamics is that more white people in the United States might take a page from that. I don’t wish to encourage that. Also, […]

Children’s Day

It was Children’s Day in India. There’s a constant worry about being “outbred” in democratic societies. Instead humankind needs to have a much more rigorous (cultural rather than legal) approach towards child-breeding. Unfortunately our biologies don’t really help; peak fertility coincides with peak career-building time. Prior to having children, couples should make sure that they […]

How the Other Half Dies..

An old video that somebody just sent me. I don’t think the situation of the Hazaras has improved much since then. About the rest of Pakistan, well, terrorism is down, crime is up and down, some things are better.. what do you think? Hazara boy shares his thoughts about Pakistan..