Is Erdogan the Turkish Modi?

Erdogan has consolidated his power in yesterday’s election. This post was sparked by a Facebook friend’s (Indian Muslim) comment “why do Muslims in India hate Modi but love Erdogan.” Shashi provides some context here: Comparisons are generally invidious, especially when they involve political leaders from different countries. But, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rose […]

Africa’s only Hindu island

I’m pretty sure that Mauritius is a secular democracy but it is 52% Hindu. As an aside it would be interesting to study the evolution of Hindu island diaspora culture around the world (Suriname, Guiana, Fiji, Mauritius etc). There doesn’t seem to have been much Brahmin migration and it was mainly done by farmers/labourers. The […]

Why Climate Change is a cult-

South Asian Monsoons Remove Smog, Spread Pollution — The Aerogram (@theaerogram) June 24, 2018 I really enjoy the tweets from the Aerogram since they provide well-curated content. However this third-party article on Monsoon dispersion of pollution is simply rife with generalities and polemicism, high by even BP’s well-worn standards. The article starts off on […]