Open Thread – Brown Pundits

How are things in India right now? As many Indians now read this weblog as Americans (33% each). Mostly curious about the post-coronavirus world.

New podcast with Abhinav Prakash. More suggestions for podcast guests welcome.

One thing I had a mild disagreement with is the use of the term “genocide” in relation to what the Turkic Muslims did in the subcontinent to the Hindus. I agree that killings occurred, some of great brutality. But I am more and more convinced that the true obliteration was the cultural evisceration of public monuments and the repression of history. Perhaps a more accurate or precise term would be “cultural genocide.”

My wife suggested that we rename the Browncast the “Browncaste.” I nixed that.

Happy Birthday America!


Open Thread – Brown Pundits

I did an episode on Big Brown Army a few days ago. The conversation revolved around being Christian (evangelical) and Indian, as well as what wokeness is doing to Christianity and Indians. The host of BBA, Decruz, is someone who I’ve known on and off for 15 years. We’ve both changed a lot, but stayed fundamentally similar.

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I’m surprised how much you guys can be invested in Kashmir! That being said, the blow-up of the comments every week indicates perhaps Twitter is no longer so fun? I mean, 300+ comments on open threads are some serious discussion. Are blogs coming back?

What’s the best history of India you guys have read? I know some people will get mad, but Romilla Thapar’s stuff is some of the most accessible and well-written in English. Tell me what’s better.


Open Thread – Brown Pundits

The usual. Talk about what you want. Or not. Pakistan, Islam, etc. Or American riots.

Also, starting a semi-regular podcast with Surya Y. about American politics from two viewpoints (Left and Right). The first episode is up, check it out. If you don’t want to do Apple Podcasts, try this.


Open Thread – Brown Pundits

The usual. Talk about whatever (that means Pakistan, Islam, and haplogroup H, I guess).

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Finally, the comments have been OK despite becoming lively. You don’t have to be inoffensive or polite, but please remember at some point I do intervene.


{{{Brown Pundits}}} 2020 survey results

260 responses so far.

– 95% male

– 55% S. Asian and 35% white

– 50% USA, 25% Asia (mostly India?). A lot of the rest is Europe

– 50% completed postgraduate work

– 35% no religion, 35% Hindu, 20% Christian

– 35% atheist, 25% skeptical of gods, 25% conventional theist

– More Right of Center than Left, but ideologically diverse, with the exception of very few “Far Left” respondents

– Diverse views on Hindu nationalism.

– 40% English speakers (mother tongue). 10% Hindi, 10% Tamil.

– 25% {{{Brahmin}}}. Means nearly half the brown respondents are {{{Brahmin}}}.

– More people come to the side via links from other sites than social media or search engine