Proud of Pakistan-

I’ve been pretty upset with Pakistan because of Asia Bibi however this important news gives me hope for the Homeland.

The picture below (stolen off Omar’s feed) gives me hope about India’s Muslims.

These symbols are important since they signal society’s direction.

I will be honest I feel Indians & Hindus are forced to be far more liberal and enlightened than what their current Socio-economic level whereas Pakistanis are similarly forced to be much more conservative given their basic Indic Cultural orientation. Both will have much to learn and give one another if ever see an Anchsluss (since our Brave Pandit has started using Nazi analogies).

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    1. Typical negative talk by “progressives” to derail the civil society. Left to themselves Indian Muslims are as patriotic as any other Indian. After all that Tweet has not brought any new fact, but merely spitting on Indian Muslims

  1. “man got married with transgender” So a gay guy found a way to openly get gay sex because his gay partner calls himself a woman. Great.

    1. Yeah. This is very much possible in non-commutative gender algebra.

      E.g. heterosexual masculinity = transsexual homosexuality

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