Sunanda Pushkar: foul play confirmed

So it was murder after all. We will perhaps never know who did it (the all
powerful ISI? IPL cricket mafia??).

We are of the opinion that her fate was sealed the moment she confessed
that she had committed perjury.

Here is some valuable advice to sisters of Sunanda from a Pakistani sister

Sunanda, the
deceased wife of Indian minister Shashi Tharoor, supposedly committed suicide
after finding out about her husband’s alleged affair with a Pakistani
journalist. The Pakistani journalist claims that the two were merely
‘intellectual companions.’

No matter what
the reason might be, infidelity can be painful for both the ’unfaithful’ and,
most definitely, the ‘faithful’ in a relationship. And, to me, all forms of
responses to a partner’s infidelity are acceptable, but the one that Mrs.
Tharoor chose.  

Never kill yourself for your man’s infidelity. Never.

It’s okay to
divorce, yell, burn his car, smash his computer, take all the money out of his
bank account (and get a boob job with that), turn his kids against him, nag for
years to come, eat too much (and get fat), sleep with his best friend in
revenge, have a few flings of your own. The list is endless.

But it’s never okay to
kill yourself.  

No man is worth your life. 

They are there
to make your life beautiful, not to take it away. If one man is not doing a
good job at making your life beautiful, it’s okay to try the next one.
sometimes you have to shop till you drop – by natural causes, of course.
Another pun not intended.

some called the Pakistani journalist an ISI agent.
They said Sunanda’s death
was the accomplishment of the ISI. Well, if the ISI was that powerful or
clever, Pakistan would not be drowning in terrorism, corruption and civil war.

Sunanda’s husband kill her?
Can a seasoned politician be this stupid to kill his wife
within 48 hours of such allegations of infidelity? But then he is also the same
guy who doesn’t know how to protect his Twitter account.

Rest in
peace, Sunanda! Or better yet, come back as a beautiful woman again in your
next janam. And this time, when your rich, powerful, handsome husband cheats on
you, choose one of the other options. Revenge should be sweet.

Sunanda Pushkar’s viscera report has brought back the
possibility of foul play in the mysterious death of the 52-year-old
businesswoman in a south Delhi luxury hotel on January 17 this year.

Sources said the report not only rules out the presence of any poison in Sunanda’s
body but also finds no trace of the
anti-anxiety drug, Alprax, in her stomach at the time of the death.
directly contradicts the autopsy report which had concluded that Sunanda died
of drug poisoning and had indicated the presence of Alprax.

Investigators, who had recovered near-empty strips of Alprax from Sunanda’s
hotel room, are stumped by the new findings. If the viscera report is to be believed, Sunanda either took the pills
as per the prescribed dose or the strips were planted in the room to mislead
investigations, a source said.

“We had recovered two strips of Alprax, each
capable of holding 15 tablets. The first was empty and the second had just
three tablets. If she was taking the pill as per dosage, we need to find out why
an empty strip was in the room,” said an investigator.

wife of junior HRD minister Shashi Tharoor, was reportedly depressed. Days
before her death, she accused Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar of having an
affair with her husband in the course of a ugly Twitter spat.

Sunanda had checked into the Leela
Palace hotel in Chanakyapuri on January 15, alone. She was staying in a room on
the third floor and was visibly depressed when she arrived at the hotel. The
hotel staff has reportedly told police that she had hardly eaten during her

Tharoor, sources said, had checked into the hotel on
January 16, when the couple shifted to a suite number 345. They were engaged in
a night-long argument, investigators have found, and Sunanda went to sleep only
around 6.30am on January 17. She did not order any food. Soon after (around
7am), Tharoor left to attend the AICC meet at Talkatora Stadium and found her
dead upon his return.


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