Hold the vermillion (start with court marriages)

What is the problem with men? Have fun when you want and then dump and run? Throw the book at these idiots so that the girls can live in peace (and with their dignity intact).

One message for girls: insist on a court marriage. Just for laughs (watch him run out of the door like an Olympic sprinter), OK?

This is also why we have very low patience with conservative muslim demands that marriage must not be registered. And no, women engaged in pre-marital sex will not be subject to death penalty (this message for Abu Azmi). And yes, “our boys” (all boys) will be punished if they make a “mistake” which is also a crime (this message for Mulayam Yadav).

The civil law of the land is supreme (as the court has often pointed out when asked). So stop crying wolf (“islam is in danger”) at every turn and watch out for the actual wolves. Have no fear from the secular crowd (we are in danger as well). The ones you may not recognize as (false) friends are also likely to be the most dangerous.

Ankit Tiwari of Aashiqui 2 fame was arrested yesterday on charges of
allegedly raping a woman he had been in a relationship with since 2012.
The complainant stated that the 24-yearold singer repeatedly raped her
while promising marriage.
 According to Machhindra Bodkhe,
inspector at Versova police station, Ankit had met the complainant at a
Durga Puja event in 2012. On July 21, 2013, she allegedly invited him
and some friends to celebrate the birthday of her sister, with whom she

According to Bodhke, the complainant claimed that Ankit proposed
marriage to her in front of everyone and forced her to consume alcohol,
before taking her to the bedroom and raping her. “The next morning, she
told her sister about the rape, who then confronted Ankit. He allegedly
told her that since they would be getting married soon, she should not
object to sex,” said Bodkhe.

 A month later, in August 2013, the
singer put vermillion on the complainant’s forehead in the presence of
their friends and her sister, but when she insisted on a court marriage,
he allegedly developed cold feet. The complainant alleges that Ankit’s
brother Ankur then threatened her against pressuring the singer for
marriage by brandishing a knife.

 The complainant first approached
the Versova police towards the end of February 2014 and lodged a formal
complaint of rape on April 14. “Since this was not a case of rape in the
immediate moment, it took time to gather evidence before making a
formal arrest,” explained Bodkhe, adding that the evidence included the
testimonies of their common friends who were present at the party last
Ankit has been charged under Sections 376, 493 and 417 of the
IPC, for rape, cohabitation caused by a man deceitfully inducing a
belief of lawful marriage, and cheating. Ankur was charged under Section
506(2) of the IPC for criminal intimidation. Ankit has been remanded to
police custody until May 12, while Ankur has been remanded to judicial
custody until May 22.

Link: http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/aashiqui-2-singer-ankit-tiwari-arrested-for-allegedly-raping-girlfriend/

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