Third World Invasion of Canada (by Sikhs)

We all know that Canada is welcoming of immigrants, but something like this is still a matter of concern. …

Sikhs are noted as a prosperous community in India (and in the West) but they are facing considerable violence, recently three Sikhs died in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and one in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunwa, Pakistan. Six members of a Sikh congregation were killed and four injured two years ago (August 05, 2012) in an attack on a Gurudwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. One Sikh veteran (Gulf War) was killed by the police in Lodi, California in January, 2014. Sikhs (two) were also killed in Sacramento in 2011.

It is clear that being a model minority will not save Sikhs, especially when native (white) populations are feeling threatened everywhere by the changing face (more and more browns, blacks) of their communities, in the Americas and in Europe.


It is also interesting to speculate on how much animosity is directed against Sikhs because they are being confused with Muslims. Indeed, Sikhs in USA and UK have from time to time campaigned on the theme of Sikhs are not Muslims!!! Needless to say, brown-on-brown ill-feeling has been brought over from the old country. When the time comes, it is wise to remember, the crocodile will be unsparing.
Police are investigating a racist anti-immigration flyer recently distributed in Brampton. “Peel Regional Police have become aware of the most recent flyer that
is now in circulation in our region depicting insensitive and racially
intolerant messaging,” a police release put out Saturday stated.
Cops don’t know who the creator of the flyer is, Const. George Tudos said. “Obviously we’re going to look at all avenues,” he said.

According to a statement by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation,
the flyer in question singles out the Sikh community that resides in
“By crossing out the image of a Sikh individual while raising the
fear of a ‘massive third-world invasion of Canada’ and claiming that
‘white Canadians’ were being reduced to a ‘minority’, the creators of
the flyers have crossed the line from dialogue into outright racism,”
the CRRF statement said.

This is not the first time an anti-immigration flyer has been spotted in Brampton.

In April this year, a group called Immigration Watch Canada
distributed pamphlets showing a picture of white people and a picture of
Sikhs, with numbers indicating immigration population growth as well as
a caption: “Is this what you really want?”

IWC spokesman Dan Murray said Saturday the group “did not authorize the distribution of the flyer in Brampton.” Tudos said police still plan to speak with IWC andthe author of the latest flyer is still unknown.

Once the investigation is complete, “investigators will be consulting
with the Ministry of the Attorney General to seek the authorization, if
applicable, to lay hate-crime-related charges,” Peel police said in
their statement.

Brampton NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh criticized the flyer in a tweet on
Thursday: “Brampton, let’s reject this racist flyer’s message of hate
& instead stand united for diversity & acceptance of all.”

A Rally Against Racism – organized by a group called Brampton United
Against Racism and attended by Singh – was held on Friday outside
Brampton City Hall in response to the flyer. 


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