Open Thread – 07/03/2021 – Brown Pundits

Happy birthday soon America.

A lot of the comments on the Pew India survey are quite dumb. Some not so dumb. The problem with stupid and emotional responses is that it makes it more difficult to address real issues of bias.

Indians: A Brief History of a Civilization looks good. Lots of reviews how it is Leftist.

Open Thread – 05/08/2021 – Brown Pundits

New Browncast up. It’s about the ’71 genocide (if you haven’t, please subscribe on a podcast app).  I haven’t talked up the Patreon in a while, but all the hosting/editing (we need more than the usual storage since sometimes there are 4-5 podcasts in a month!) is supported by that, so if you like what we’re doing, please chip in. I usually post episodes early for patrons.

My first steppe piece on Indo-Europeans is up at my Substack. It, and the subsequent steppe pieces are going to be paid.

Unherd will be posting a review of The Horde: How the Mongols Changed the World on Monday.

Also, I think it is high time I spotlight some work/projects of BP contributors: The Emissary and Meru Media.

Make sure to follow me on Clubhouse and the Brown Pundits Club. We’ve been doing a lot of impromptu discussions on the club, so once it opens up to Android you’ll want to join.