Why does the Liberal Left applaud America haters

This guy, Qasim Rashid, is actually an “American citizen” but like Ms. Hoda Kateb brimes with bile about the US.

I feel we are in the decadent stage of the Roman Empire where traitors are applauded in the midst.

I decry colonialism but I would never disrespect Britain (I am British after all) the way Hoda and Qasim so gleefully do to the US when Islam/Muslims are attacked.

I’ve seen this time and time again and it almost does prompt the question then if the US/UK is so bad then why don’t you go back to where you came from.

These people don’t love America; you can’t attack something or write it in that tone and claim to be a patriot.

There is also a fundamental difference between a Native American or an African American (descendant of slaves) and an immigrant American. The former two are part of the American narrative from get-go and have an unimaginable historical experience.

Immigrant Americans have either chosen to come to the US or their parents have for the most part post 1960 (if they are non-white). It is in bad taste to hate the country that gives one freedom, opportunity and refuge.

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  1. America-love is a tribal signifier of red-state America, and respect for other cultures is a signifier of blue-state tribalism. So you get a weird case where natural tribal instinct has been directed against one’s own country. Qasim Rashid is actually a very well assimilated American. The most alien thing about that tweet is the Esq. next to his name.

    1. Yes that’s true – I don’t think Qasim or Hoda should be applauded; I find their politics an order of magnitude more venomous than Trump’s!!

    1. I’ll give you an analogy.

      Say a white British person goes to me and attacks the Bahai Faith or my Prophet; I won’t respond by mocking HM the Queen or Britain because in fact I like the latter.

      I would only abuse something that I dislike; it shows from the venom from this chap and Hoda that they have a fundamental issue with America.

      Hoda can define herself as “Muslim Iranian” / POC but there’s no space for American?

      And yes her accent sounds super-fobby but she was born in Oklahoma/Ohio for Heaven’s sake!!

      1. That’s a good observation. I think another interpretation is that these guys regard Islam as a directly competing entity with America. All ideas reside inside heads including homeland. For people like Qasim, Hoda Islam is homeland. Seeing all that is going around the world, one can not be too far of the mark if he regards Islam and Western Liberal Democracy as competing entities in both ideational and material world.

  2. Zachary, perhaps we should try to better link all related Brown Pundit articles on a specific topic together. For example for this article, here are some related recent Brown Pundit articles:
    In retrospect all these articles can probably be tagged:
    “PostMarxism” since the tag already exists
    Zachary, when you get the time, can you please watch the entire Jonathan Haidt video? All of these posts relate to what I loosely call post modernism or what some might call PostMarxism.

  3. Many things jump out to me when reading Qasim Rashid’s article. Anti-American isn’t even in the top twenty. It is possible that he is anti-American; but that can’t be determined from this post alone. Here are my main take-aways:
    1) Twitter is a horrible place to have nuanced policy discussions. It is impossible to discuss good policy that way.
    2) A lot less than 80% of Americans are practicing believing Christians (being a data hound . . . bad statistics bugs me)
    3) less than 98% of rapists are let off because of a lack of witnesses (being a data hound . . . bad statistics bugs me)
    4) America and the whole world has a huge problem with male misogyny and I commend Qasim Rashid for bringing attention to it
    5) He is right that approximately 1600 woman were killed by intimate partners in the US last year. Here are some data points:
    6) I see this as a broadside attack on post modernism and it is a well deserved attack
    6a) Post Modernists have demonized police and the justice system which has caused police to:
    —–sharply reduce police protection for woman. For example the number of rapes in California have doubled between 2011 and 2016. I have not yet seen 2017 data.
    —–sharply reduce protection for Black American woman, which might be called a crime against humanity (why aren’t post modernists weeping in public over this and begging for forgiveness?)
    —–not prosecute black males and to a lesser degree caucasian males accused of rape as much as in the past. While the percentage of accused rapists let go for lack of witnesses is a lot less than 98% the ratio has been rising
    7) A major factor in violence against woman is post modernists taking over the media, K-12 education; and teaching that there is no right and wrong; encouraging disrespect for parents and elders.

  4. Zachary, perhaps you spent your early childhood in the west. If so I think you will agree with me that the US (and UK) are unrecognizable compared to what they were.

    When Ronald Reagan was president, he was “class” personified. Agree or disagree, he was honest, authentic and real. He was a grandfather to all Americans. He said what was what; right and wrong. And he was mostly albeit not totally right. [Yes Kabir, technically there is no right and wrong.] Reagan was loved by Asian and Latino Americans. And Reagan loved them right back. Reagan represented the deep culture of America. And while it has its dark elements, it is mostly positive. 95% of Americans across the political spectrum treated President Reagan with respect, even while strongly disagreeing with him in many cases (I strongly disagreed with him on some issues too). The President was treated with respect, elders were treated with respect, pastors were treated with respect, grandparents/parents/family were treated with respect, teachers were treated with respect, police officers and public servants were treated with respect. Things were not perfect, nostalgia is biased, but I “LOVED” the respect.

    Today the commander in chief (CINC) of the US is treated with extraordinary disrespect. We can disagree respectfully–but shouldn’t we honor the office? CINC or the President of the United States (POTUS) is Caliph. He is Maharaja. He is Chakravyuha Maharaja. He is Sheik. He is Sultan. He is our Senapati. He is our king and emperor. Disagree with him to your hearts content. Defeat him in the next election. But please respect the office. If you don’t, you not only disrespect the holder of the office but you disrespect all Americans and all the friends of America around the world whose numbers are legion.

    Today CINC is disrespected. Public servents are disrespected. Elders are disrespected as never before in US history (Kareem Abdul Jabbar, former Presidents, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Morgan Freeman, Colin Powell , James Baker, George Shultz, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Sandra Day O’Connor, Nancy Reagan, Bill Mahar etc.). Pastors, Imams and Clergy are disrespected. Teachers are disrespected. Police officers are disrespected. Parents are disrespected.

    This is horrible and a sign of a declining society. As Razib Khan says, American relative decline is becoming more obvious.

    Anecdotes can be badly overused. But let me end with an anecdote as per Bill Mahar:
    This clip is mostly about how Americans are coddled and no longer exposed to diversity of thought; which is causing great harm to Americans. About 6 minutes in Bill Mahar tells Jordan Peterson that this is the “f^&* you Mom” generation. Today children regularly say “f^&* you Mom” and the parents just take it. Bill Mahar is completely right and this degradation of America is very recent.

    This is yet another way that Post Modernism is destroying the moral values and fiber of America; which is increasing crime, violence and rape against woman.

    Thank you Qasim Rashid for bringing our attention to this national and international crisis. Please also post statistics about violence against woman in the rest of the world. It is time for male misogyny to die.

    1. Sorry, no the President of the United States is not our “king and emperor”. We (American citizens) elected him. In this specific case, a majority of voters voted for the other candidate. He dishonors his office by his behavior (and his insane Tweets) more than anyone else does by what they say about him.

      If you think that a President is equivalent to a “king and emperor” you don’t understand how democracy is supposed to work. King-Emperors don’t get impeached. They can lose their heads in bloody revolutions or be assassinated by their brothers or something. There is a process in the US through which Congress can remove a President who has become a liability or committed some kind of criminal acts. Will President Trump be impeached? Well, it depends on what Mueller finds. I think it is more likely that he will have a nervous breakdown first.

      1. Kabir: What I noticed was the disrespect for Trump started from day 1, which is not understandable. AnAn is correct. In a metaphorical sense please consider that he is the king and the emperor. As a student of humanities I thought you have not problem interpreting this. With regards.

        1. Yes, the “disrespect” for President Trump started before the Inauguration. His behavior during the campaign itself was quite worthy of disrespect. The recorded conversation about grabbing women by the whatever itself should have been disqualifying. The fact that he still got elected says something about the mess the Democratic Party is in. If the Democrats had not anointed “Queen” Hillary, perhaps we would have a President Sanders today. The debate on this will never die down within the party.

          We are not talking about Literature here but about Political Science (which I also took one or two courses in). The US system is designed explicitly so that no president ever gets monarchical powers. That’s what the American Revolution was about. That’s why a process exists through which Congress, as the Legislative Branch, can remove a president.

          Is there a realistic chance of President Trump being removed? Not unless the Midterm elections flip the House and Senate and the new leadership decides to pursue Impeachment. In any case, Trump’s removal would leave us with President Pence, which I’m not sure would be a good thing.

          So unless he has a nervous breakdown, we are stuck with him till 2020.

        2. Disrespect for presidents goes back to the early days of the republic. In a metaphorical sense presidents may serve many of the same purposes as a king or emperor, but it is an explicitly intended feature of the office that the president is not treated with the same kind of reverence as an Old World monarch.

          And even if that was a part of the office, you can’t expect dutiful institutional respect for a man who has bucked the whole concept of institutional respect since day 1 of his presidential campaign (or even earlier, with his tweet campaign against Obama). I don’t mean that as a value judgment, but as a statement of reality. It’s only natural that Trump’s opponents will play the same game as Trump, which is tribal politics. Trump has never tried to be a serene unifying monarch, so of course he won’t be treated as such.

          It’s like expecting the Pandavas to treat Duryodhana with respect after the disrobing of Draupadi, just because he’s the crown prince. Not gonna happen, and you can’t exactly blame the Pandavas for it, even if they themselves helped contribute to the degradation of the national dialog.

          1. Fraxinicus, There was this talk about illegitimacy of Trump’s presidency from day 1, which I don’t get. They did some recounting and it proved he got more majority. Trump never got a chance to begin with. That was not the case with GW. The respect for Trump Presidency is nonexistent.

          2. Fraxinicus, I am a student of US history and of the yellow journals that demonized Presidents in the late 1800s. Freedom of speech, comedy at the President’s expense and criticism are good. Even lots of criticism is good. Part of American greatness (and America has unique greatness) is precisely the fact that the head of state is not treated too seriously or with reverence. The President shouldn’t be treated with reverence. What is happening now–and it didn’t start with Trump is something that hasn’t happened since 1789.

            GHW Bush was treated less respectfully than Reagan (which I thought was a crisis). Clinton was treated less respectfully than GWH Bush. GW Bush was treated less respectfully than Clinton. Obama was treated more disrespectfully than GW Bush (mostly not Birtherism). Trump is treated with an inexplicable amount of disrespect among the movers and shakers of America and DC and by “elders”, including leaders of the Republican party. I am basing this on my own private conversations and interactions with children and ordinary Americans. I have never seen anything like this. It is jarring. And if we are being honest I think the large majority of Trump’s critics would agree with me that Trump’s popularity is much higher because of it. Trump politically thrives and benefits from it. The supposed opponents of Trump know this. They want Trump and his “tribal politics” for their own reasons. Any serious attempt at politically opposing Trump would start by respecting the office of the President.

            There is never any edge to disrespecting our enemy. In fact the one we need to love and respect most is our enemy; because only then can we understand and defeat him or her. This is part of the heart of eastern culture.

            “It’s like expecting the Pandavas to treat Duryodhana with respect after the disrobing of Draupadi, just because he’s the crown prince.”
            The Pandavas treated Duryodhana with great respect after the disrobing of Draupadi. Everyone treated Duryodhana with respect. That is the greatness of Bharatiya culture. The Pandavas loved and respected their enemies. That is “why” they were able to defeat their enemies.

            This use to be part of American culture too. This is one of the reasons America has repeatedly quickly flipped fierce enemies into close friends. Foreigners have long puzzled and misunderstood this.

            For example the Iraqi Government and Iraqi Army were furious when US military commanders tried to build relations with externally backed sectarian Sunni militias in 2005 and 2006 (commanders on the ground did this without the full support of the commander of MNF-I). However this ultimately worked. Iraq probably has less per capita violence now than anytime since the 1970s. The US military has historically respected and tried to understand their enemy. Too bad a large part of the American public appears to be forgetting this part of the American deep culture.

            Fraxinicus, honestly the disrespect of the President is the least of it. American elders are disrespected like never before. The disrespect that Black Lives Matter has for American black elders (and not just Cosby) would have been unimaginable more than a decade ago. The way American kids talk disrespectfully about Lebron James (as a basketball player) would have been unthinkable more than a decade ago. The way teachers are treated in school . . . I can’t even begin to summarize the stories of teachers I know . . . and it has gotten a lot worse very recently. The way kids disrespect and make fun of police officers–the heroes who protect us? The way kids talk to their own grandparents and family members? Have we entered the twilight zone?

          3. Anan,

            Teachers are treated disrespectfully at school. This was my first semester actually teaching (university) and students walk out after 10 minutes and never come back. It is very jarring. And this is Pakistan, where otherwise they are all “Sir, Sir”.

    2. AnAn: Thanks for this post. I wish I am as sophisticated as you are in responding. I did not spend my childhood in the West but I was here when Reagan was the president. I do agree with you things have changed perceptibly since then. I attribute it a lot to the easy access to internet and smart phones. Regards.

      1. Hoi polloi ji, I guess I am a lot younger than you then. I moved to the US in 1992 at the age of 6, at which time Bush the father was President. The first election I was eligible to vote in was in 2004 (Bush vs. Kerry). Of course, like a good Democrat, I voted for Kerry.

        If I have been snarky in the past, I apologize. I did not realize I was speaking to a member of my parents’ generation.

        1. Kabir, Let me share another fact or secret that I reside in the general area in Montgomery county where you are from. I do feel the connection. When you are back to this area please let me know and I would like to personally meet with you. Thanks.

          1. Wow! Next you are going to tell me that you too are or were associated with the World Bank 🙂

  5. It is interesting how you (Zachary) focused on the hate-America message, while totally ignored the facts presented in the tweet. I was more shocked by the horrific stats. I in fact had to google it to see the stats are correct, and to my utter horror, they are.

    Some links to sober you down.

    Dont shoot the messenger. 994 out of 1000 rapists walk free. 3 women getting killed every day by their husband/bfs. This is the message you should be taking home. this is the problem that needs to be solved.

  6. Snake Charmer agree with almost everything you wrote with one slight exception:

    “994 out of 1000 rapists walk free.” This is a made up number (not by you but by the people who estimated it) and I detest inaccurate data and statistics.

    In California the number of rapes has doubled between 2011 and 2016 (page 5 of attached PDF). I interpret page 15 to show that about 40.8% of the perpetrators were identified. From page 2 in 2016, 66.4 percent of adult felony arrests resulted in conviction. From page 20, California made 2,558 felony arrests for rape.

    There are a lot more statistics for you to look up. California statistics are probably more accurate (and much more detailed) than the US nationwide statistics.

  7. Note how Asians are far less likely to commit crimes or be incarcerated than caucasion Americans. Also note how Asians are more likely to be the victims of murder and many other types of crime than other Americans. The vast majority of crimes against Asians are committed by non Asians. By contrast about 94% or so of all murders of African Americans are by other African Americans.

    Of California’s population:
    –Asians are 5,602,074
    –Black or African Americans are 2,265,280

    Zachary Latif, what do you think America can do to address this massive crime wave? Crime has skyrocketed at the same time the economy has boomed. Isn’t it natural for patriotic Americans to be alarmed?

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