Truth will win

Figuring things out Nature of truth is like gravity, it will reveal itself, in decades if not in eons. What failed in afghanistan was not the american sciences dept, the guns, the humvees , the blackhawks all work well enough, what failed was the american humanities dept.  The primary source of support for taliban was […]

Being Technological progressive. “A duty to evangelize technological progressThat is because people with scientific and technical backgrounds have not taken it upon ourselves to write about technological progress as a duty. We need to take time out of our busy days to make the case, repeatedly and with high production values, that technological progress is the most […]

Appreciating simple inventions.

A simple, cycle powered washing machine.     Simple kitchen gadgets .Vegetable cutter/slicer .   And simple dishwasher. And instant Legolas , a bow and arrow machine invented recently but could have been done by medieval technology . Which makes one consider, what other inventions were possible in medieval technology but were not.

Permanent Enemy

We in this country are at a fork in the road , the path we move from here can have lasting impact because the momentum carries over. It seems to me that the notion Hindus are internalizing about abrahamic religious people is of seeing them as rigid, inflexible, whom one can neither influence to change […]