Dirty War in Balochistan

Some mass graves containing unidentified bodies were recently discovered in Balochistan. Who is buried there? the home minister thinks they are victims of the Indian secret service, but most people seem to think they are some of the hundreds of Baloch nationalists who have disappeared in the last few years.€15 dead bodies found from a mass grave in Balochistan
What IS clear is that nobody is really too bothered by this discovery. It has not made big news in Pakistan (for obvious reasons) or abroad…perhaps the reasons are less obvious in this case, but they may include:
1. A fuss in the Western media is more likely when vital Western interests are involved. Since the CIA needs Pakistan for a relatively peaceful exit from Afghanistan, the push to demonize Pakistan may be lacking in this case
2. There is no big expat Baloch population making a fuss.
3. Journalists are usually not allowed in Balochistan and with so many other big stories around in Pakistan, this one is easy to miss.

Anyway, to bring people a taste of what is happening, here is a set of videos from Balochistan.
Notice that several are set to the same song. This is the theme song of the Taliban and their allies in the Lashkar e Jhangvi (the Shia-killer faction of the Jihadist network) and other Jihadist organizations.
A look at these videos may give a hint about why Shia-killers are especially free to operate in Balochistan; Not just because its so weakly governed, but also because the state is using the same Jihadist groups to undermine “secular” Baloch nationalists. Dr Taqi sheds some light on this little known war in this piece.  
Its a hard world out there.

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