The global face of Islam

More Muslims live in India & Pakistan than all of Mideast & N Africa.

It seems Islam has really grown in the last decade, for some reason I’d always there were around a billion Muslims but it seems I was off by a fair margin. Global Religions:
Christianity2.1 billion
Islam1.6 billion
Secular*/Nonreligious*/Agnostic/Atheist≤ 1.1 billion
Chinese traditional religion*394 million
Buddhism*376 million
Ethnic religions excluding some in seperate categories300 million
African traditional religions100 million
Sikhism23 million
Juche*19 million
Spiritism15 million
Judaism14 million
Bahá’í7 million
Jainism4.2 million
Shinto4 million
Cao Dai4 million
Zoroastrianism2.6 million
Tenrikyo2 million
Neo-Paganism1 million
Unitarian Universalism800,000

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    1. Pardon my limited knowledge of Lingayatism but shouldn't it be counted as a sect of Hinduism ? I would like to know more about why you'd consider them to be a separate religion (like Jainims or Sikhism).

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