Big brother is good for little sisters

In advanced societies individuals are allowed to go about their own business and privacy is extremely prized which explains the anger felt by many americans when they came to know that their emails (and love lives) were being monitored by the Govt.

Now we know why big brother was so worried, it is all for our own good. So relax, be happy, and enjoy the ride, knowing that when (in the hopefully far-off future) you die someone will know about it (and still not care).

Also, please cancel your auto-payments. Right now.

For years, the payments went out of the woman’s bank account. Nobody batted an eyelid. Bills were paid. And life went on as normal in the quiet neighborhood of Pontiac, Michigan. Neighbors didn’t notice
anything unusual. The woman traveled a lot, they said, and kept to

One of them mowed her grass to keep things looking tidy.

At some point, her bank account ran dry. The bills stopped being paid. After its warnings went
unanswered, the bank holding the mortgage foreclosed on the house, a
common occurrence in a region hit hard by economic woes.
Still, nobody noticed what had happened inside the house. Nobody wondered out loud what had become of the owner.

Not until this week, when a worker sent by the bank to repair a hole in the roof made a grisly discovery. The woman’s mummified body was sitting in the back seat of her car, parked in the garage. The key was halfway in the ignition. Authorities say they believe the woman died at least six years ago. They’re still trying to figure out what happened.

“I’ve been doing this 37
years. Never seen anything like this before,” said Undersheriff Mike
McCabe of Oakland County, just outside Detroit…Bouchard, the county
sheriff, said Friday that there were few outward signs of anything awry.
Her mail didn’t pile up, since the post office was collecting it. And
nothing inside in her home or car pointed to a cause of death.
“Nothing remarkable (was) found in the home,” the sheriff said.
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