Total Siyaapa

I went to see this film where Indo-Pak romance meets Meet the Parents. It was quite silly and obviously set up for a part /2 (he got to meet her side, but she still hasn’t met his side and then both sides have to meet).

It was nice to see images of London but some are quite disconcerting as the shots are all over the city where the characters could have in way traversed them as they did (London remains after all a city of 32 villages/boroughs).
The Indo-Pak angle wasn’t really touched upon and frankly the movie could have been far more interesting (lucrative) if it had taken a few creative leaps. Instead it was a tired formula and also tried to make it a national dichotomy (Indo-Pak) instead of a religious one. I think a Pakistani non-Muslim remains a more preferable match than an Indian Muslim for an average Indian Hindu family.
Other than that it was pure “time-pass” as they say (a concept completely unknown in London) and other than that I was actually meant to see Shaadi ke Side effect but I would have been the only person (Thursday 10pm is not a popular time for films in Kampala). Incidentally 3 other strangers were with me in the theatre watching total Siyaapa with me but by the end of it I was the only one left. Says it all I imagine.
Brown Pundits