The Southern (second) Front is open

The chances of the NDA (and that of the BJP) has always been zero in Tamil Nadu.

However, with the brand new seven party alliance in place we have to wait and see if things finally change in 2014. The BJP count likely to be still zero even while the vote share may substantially increase, partners may win a few seats.
Interestingly, BJP managed to bring DMDK and PMK, parties which are
poles apart, under the umbrella of the alliance which also comprises of

Under the seat-sharing agreement agreed upon by the allies, DMDK was
given the lion’s share of 14 out of 39 seats, followed by BJP and PMK at
eight each. MDMK will be fighting from seven seats while IJK and KMDK
will field candidates from one constituency each.

Singh made the announcement flanked by allies Vijayakanth (DMDK),
Anbumani Ramadoss (PMK), Vaiko (MDMK) and Paariventhar and Easwaran
from IJK and KMDK, respectively. However, PMK founder S Ramadoss was
conspicuous by his absence. 


Singh said the fishermen’s issue and the Sri Lankan Tamils issue would
top BJP’s agenda and accused the Congress of failing to ensure their
interests. He promised that the BJP, if voted to power, would impress upon Sri
Lanka for the welfare of Tamils, reflecting on an emotive issue being
played by the Dravidian parties here in the run up to the elections.


The BJP-led alliance is hoping to put up a good show in the elections
riding on the strong influence wielded by the respective parties in
pockets of the state.
For instance, PMK and DMDK have a considerable hold in northern Tamil
Nadu while KMDK is believed to have the backing of a particular
community in the Western belt.


BJP intends to invite Modi to address one or two election rallies,
considering that his earlier shows at Tiruchirappally and Vandalur had
evoked good response.


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10 years ago

Are you being serious? The dudes cannot appear together in the same platform. It is a collection of untouchable parties which no one else will touch.

Exactly, how did BJP find 8 people to stand? Most congress leaders like Chidambaram and Elangovan are not standing because they do not wish to forfeit their deposit.

"PMK and DMDK have a considerable hold in northern Tamil Nadu"

Both, almost catering to the same voters. I dont even know who Paariventhar and Easwaran from IJK and KMDK are.

Prediction; no deposit recovery for BJP even in one seat. Just because they are sharing seats does not mean the others in the alliance will vote for you. However, situation is not as bleak as for the congress or the left who could not find a party to forma coalition with.

10 years ago

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