Ragini (MMS 2) is a scary good lady

This lady is a disturbingly good, bad-ass actor in a sophisticated role that will tickle your gray cells (you must have heard the joke about enjoying the interviews in Playboy, right?) A nice, low-profile, movie for you and your close friend.

Not recommended as a family movie, but then with the daadis and naanis becoming more and more hip in front of our eyes, who knows?

Failed film director announces a new
project starring a porn star, Sunny Leone (played by Sunny Leone, of
course), in the lead role and an ensemble of TV actors. The film, based
on the story of Ragini whose MMS went viral three years ago, is to be
shot in the same haunted house, Patwardhan Villa, where Ragini’s MMS was
shot. Ragini, since who has since been the inmate of Room No. 26 of a
mental institute, either scratches the walls of her room, or sits on her
bed rocking and mumbling to herself.

Sunny, Rocks’ film writer Satya Kumar (Sahil Prem), a failed novelist
who takes all this chudail business seriously, and the film’s two other
actors, Monali (Sandhya Mridul), a sidey actress in search of the
casting couch, and Maddy (Karan Mehra), a horny TV hero, land up in the
house despite the warning put up by the ASI about staying away from the
area after sunset and before sunrise. 

As the shooting of Rocks’ film
begins, we are in the company of interesting and believable characters.
And while we while we laugh at and with them, we also see a shadow
lurking behind, or the sudden, quiet appearance of a child. We are privy
to much more than them, and that’s part of the thrill.

I haven’t enjoyed getting scared for years like I did today.

Director Patel has very cleverly
mounted on screen a script which is packed with jokes, ghatiaya
dialogue, dirty talk and even a female orgasm.

Leone has never been used more effectively and sensibly than she has
been used here. And when I say used, I mean in the proper exploitative
way as a hot actress is used in a B-Grade flick.
She gets to wear all
the sexy lingerie you wanted to see her in, and thrusts her stuff
repeatedly. Luckily she’s supported by the very able team of actors,
Sandhya Mridul and Karan Mehra, without whom the film would have been a
big bore.
They make us laugh before the director says bhau!


Brown Pundits