There is many a time when citizens in a democracy get royally frustrated. Especially in flawed democracies like India, which is further segregated into war zones (Kashmir, North-East, Central India) and backward zones where the daylight of justice is usually overwhelmed with clouds of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and Khap committees and the like.

However if one wants to see a true police state in operation, then modern day Egypt can serve as a fine example. There are many many private horrors on a daily basis, this one below is an example of a public horror show.

As a model these states can choose to follow the rightist thugs-in-chief (Pinochet, Franco etc) or the leftist ones (Mao, Stalin etc.). True they are not as evil as the full blown crazies (Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un, Mullah Omar, Assad etc.) but that is the only nice thing going for them.
court in southern Egyptian has convicted 529 supporters of ousted
Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, sentencing them to death
on charges
of murdering a policeman and attacking police.

The court in
Minya issued its ruling on Monday after only two sessions in which the
defendants’ lawyers complained they had no chance to present their case.

Those convicted are part of a group of 545 defendants on trial
for the killing of a police officer, attempted killing of two others,
attacking a police station and other acts of violence.

More than 150 suspects stood trial, the others were tried in absentia. Sixteen were acquitted.

The defendants were arrested after violent demonstrations that were a
backlash for the police crackdown in August on pro-Morsi sit-ins in
Cairo that killed hundreds of people.


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