Raza Rumi survives terror attack

…but his driver is dead. The guard’s condition is critical. We hope he survives and regains good health.

As for Raza, it is clear that the thugs will try again and again…they are ruthless and relentless…and they will not be satisfied with just sending a message…they need to see (and feel) the blood on their hands.

This is the fourth attack on Express Media Group. Three staff members of
the group have already lost their lives. The Taliban will control the message by destroying the messengers.

Nadeem Paracha complains that most TV channels are taking the cowardly way out and not covering the incident. It is indeed a sad day for journalism.

People (Arundhati Roy et al.) who offer comfort to the
“resistance warriors” (Gandhians with Guns in her words) should look deep inside their own hearts and issue an appeal for sanity. Who gains if girls dont go to school? What is wrong with non-violent struggle for a better

After all the original great man of the Pakhtuns- Khan Abdul
Gaffar Khan- believed in these principles.

As proof of how critical things have become, excerpted below is a communique from the IMF-Pakistan meeting which was held in Dubai…because of security concerns in Pakistan.

Come to think of it, there is no early date for cricket to be resumed in Pakistan. People have become so blase that tragedies like this dont even count any more.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Friday that
Pakistan’s key economic indicators were showing modest improvement but
warned militancy and crime could threaten growth and investment.
The IMF warning came in its country report reviewing Pakistan’s performance under a $6.7 billion bailout loan package.

Pakistani government is in talks with the country’s Taliban faction to
try to end the militants’ bloody seven-year insurgency, which has
claimed thousands of lives.

“For the fiscal year 2014-15, growth
is forecast to accelerate to about 3.7 per cent, and will continue to
accelerate in the medium term,” the report said. “Security
conditions in Pakistan remain difficult with significant terrorist
activity, as well as sectarian violence and urban criminal activity,
which could depress investment and growth.”

As well as the Taliban threat, Pakistan is also
facing a rising tide of sectarian bloodshed mainly targeting minority
Shia Muslims, and rampant criminal violence in the economic capital

The report was prepared after the IMF team met Pakistani
finance minister Ishaq Dar and other officials in Dubai last month to
discuss the economic performance, approval and release of the $550
million third installment of the loan.

The meeting was held outside Pakistan because of security worries, the fund said.


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10 years ago

The Voice of Taliban —We have nothing to do with attack on Raza Rumi. State is responsible to protect media

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