Indian representative

Koyal Rana from Jaipur is a very beautiful lady but perhaps not truly representative of India (in terms of skin color). We wish her all the best in her quest to win over the world.  

The Ranas (=Raja=king also, Rani = queen) were originally Rajput kings from Rajasthan, Maha-Rana Pratap Singh for example hailed from the Sisodia dynasty of Udaipur. Facing Mughal onslaught, the Ranas scattered in the direction of the hills (and to the rest of India), and were rulers of Nepal till recently. 

Surprisingly (not really) there are Rana converts to Islam and many prominent Pakistani families are Ranas as well. Wiki
cites the following – it is only understandable in
an Indian context that these proud people would like to flaunt  their caste
even after conversion.

Bakhtiar Rana – Ex Lieutenant General Pakistan Army; Rana Phool Muhammad Khan – MPA from Bhai Pheru 1971,1977,1985,1990 (Ex. Provincial Minister Punjab), Azmat Rana – Pakistani cricket player, Shafqat Rana – former Pakistani cricketer, Moammar Rana – Pakistani film actor, Shakoor Rana – Pakistani cricket player, Rana Naved-ul-Hasan- Pakistani cricket player, Rana Tanveer Hussain- Former Minister of Defence Production, Rana Mohammad Hanif Khan- Finance Minister of Pakistan, Rana Muhammad Akram Khan – Ex Chairman Punjab Bar Council, Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan – Deputy Speaker, Punjab Assembly, Rana Sanaullah Khan – Law Minister Punjab, Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan – Speaker Punjab (Pakistan) Assembly, Rana Nazeer Ahmed Khan – Federal minister (1990–93) (97-99) (2002–2004)


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