Dog fight dog days for Indian Mujahideen

This is a real dilemma, the (attack) dogs are raring to march to the western front to be part of the all-conquering future Emirate but the ISI babus want to focus on the eastern front. There is always the danger that if frustration boils over the dogs can turn on their masters.
….The current chief, Riyaz Bhatkal, who has
almost been sidelined by the Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI), and
his own men, became so frustrated that he began terming the ISI
officials as ‘dogs’ during his conversations.

ISI officials complained that the
IM cadres were interested in getting trained in Afghanistan and fight
alongside al-Qaida, which they didn’t like.

Over this issue,
ISI badly treated Riyaz, the chat messages, retrieved by the police,
stated. “Yeh sunnuu (meas dogs in Nawayati, a local language spoken in
Karnataka’s Bhatkal village) kabhi bhi chale aate hain aur pareshan
karte hain,” Riyaz wrote to Yasin.

During one of the
yahoo messenger chats with an IM operative, Afeef on May 22, 2013, Yasin
learned a discomfort was growing within the IM over the leadership.
Most of the IM cadres wanted to join fight in Afghanistan against Nato
forces while Riyaz’s decisions were restricted by the ISI which does not
want IM to tie up with al-Qaida.

“Afeef mentioned that he was
not bothered of Riyaz’s decision to not sending him to Afghanistan, but
Farhan, Saleem, Sultan, Shafi and Salim Ishaqui (all IM operatives, now
based in Pakistan) were also demanding to send them to the battle field
in Afghanistan. Afeef had asked Riyaz to leave the chairman’s post and
to give opportunity to Sultan so that all the members could get together
for work under a new commander. 
 Afeef mentioned that Riyaz always cited
‘technical problems’ whenever they spoke about joining al-Qaida and
handing over the outfit’s reign in other hands,
however, Afeef felt the
main ‘technical problem’ was Riyaz himself. Yasin stated that he was
afraid of some action against them by the ISI over their internal
disputes,” the NIA charge-sheet stated.


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