Alia Bhatt shines in 2 States

The critics were luke-warm but our friends who saw the movie (across age group) liked it very much. This is also great news since newbie director Abhishek Varman has succeeded in his first attempt, OTOH Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will prolong the stranglehold of dynasties in Bollywood (we still wish them well).

spite of the IPL fever, this film has been declared the biggest hit of
2014 so far. Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted about the film’s
success,”#2States all set to cross $ 1 million mark in USA-Canada in
opng wknd itself.
BIGGEST OPENER of 2014 there. Excellent!”

Chetan Bhagat who was in an ecstatic mood also took to Twitter to post,
“Kudos @abhivarman and his entire team | 2 States Emerges Biggest Hit
Of 2014. 2 States opening wknd ~Rs40cr, similar to 3 Idiots opening
wknd! Only this time, with debut director, upcoming actors! Miracles do

film raked in around Rs.12 crore on its opening day in the country (India).
According to sources, the first day collection for the entertainer,
directed by first-timer Abhishek Varman, is Rs. 12.42 cr net.

The movie was released in nearly 2,400 screens
worldwide. In India, “2 States” released in over 2,000 screens and
internationally, it released in close to 350 screens in 30 countries.

……Alia Bhatt too could not hide her excitement post the film’s release,
considering her last film Highway did not fare too well at the Box
Office. She tweeted, ” Thank you all for all the love !!!!!! Soo
overwhelmed with the response to #2states !!! We do this for you and
just you .. Thank you #1love…….

Review (no spoiler): Pretty Tam Brahm ‘ponnu’ plus ‘hatta katta’ Punjabi munda equals to
match made in heaven? If you go by ’2 States’, yes, but getting to it is
long and arduous. The film sets out to be a solid, emotionally
satisfying rom com, and goes well for a bit but then turns into a
too-stretched-out ‘jhagda’ between the two sets of North-South parents.
And the romance gets short shrift. 

It’s the meet–the-parents aspect of the plot, based on Chetan
Bhagat’s autobiographical novel of the same name, that becomes too much:
just why are parents in this day and age so fiercely opposed to the
union of ‘chicken’ and ‘sambhar’? Mr Malhotra (Ronit Roy) drinks and is
obnoxious. Mrs Malhotra (Amrita Singh) feels that Ananya has
‘phansaaoed’ their ‘gora chitta ladka’. The truth is that Ananya is more
‘gori’ and ‘chitti’ than their sonny boy, and holds down an equally
well-paying job. So what’s the problem?

When the going is good, both Kapoor and Bhatt, she more than he, rise above the film’s flaws. He has a few good moments. But Alia Bhatt is a surprise.
She leaves behind her earlier films, and gets into her character: she
may not be an authentic ‘Southie’ in terms of body language, but she is
all girl, easy and fresh and natural.

It’s nice to see Bollywood attempting to create a contemporary young
couple. I liked the way they proceed without fuss into that most modern
of compacts — of attraction that leads to conjugation, minus coyness

Get the outdated folks out of the way, make it crisper, and show us what Krish and Ananya did next. I’m waiting.
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