Slum-dog vs. Hans Solo

John Oliver is a British comedian, an Emmy winning writer and has his own HBO show (Last Week Tonight with J.O.). He makes a few salient points about Indian elections.

Re: why America should care-“Don’t pretend you aren’t interested
in this, America. The last time you heard a rags-to-riches story about a
tea-selling Indian kid, you threw a fcuking Oscar at it.”

Re: evidence America does not care-   ….a clip of debates on American news
channels about the Indian elections, where a guest can be seen saying,
“India is not even in the same hemisphere and there’s no point of
discussing it.”

Re: Rahul Gandhi-
Rahul Gandhi, calling him ‘Indian Hans Solo’ and pointing out
how despite his political lineage is likely to lose to a ‘tea seller’
Re: Narendra Modi-
“No election is
complete—or entertaining—without a little scandal, a ‘je ne sais,

Re: Western Media-
CNN in
India for using the title “One Billion Votes” for a story about the
election, when India actually has only 800 million voters, saying “Their
own graphic is wrong by the entire population of Brazil.”

Re: India Media-
“Do you have a ludicrous number of people
shouting at each other in a TV debate? Check.



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10 years ago

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