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Steve Sailer references Siamak Ebrahimi Nehoray, the lawyer for Ms. Stiviano in the Sterling Clipper scandal

Siamak Ebrahim Nehoray is a graduate of Memphis State (maybe he met some ballers there?) and the University of Laverne College of Law. He was suspended in 2004 by the state bar association for playing fast and loose with a small amount of a client’s funds.

An anonymous commentator wrote:

Anonymous said…

The Wikipedia says that Siamak is a Persian name. A Google search for Nehoray brings up some Israelis. The lawyer could be an Iranian Jew.4/28/14, 7:52 PM

I’ve posted a comment but it’s pending but this is sort of the immediate flicker of recognition about the name. Siamak is a name from the Shahnameh and is rife with Zoroastrian/Aryan/Shahi connotations whereas Ebrahimi is a super-orthodox Muslim Semitic name (Abraham). Now an Iranian with a Shahi Zoroastrian first name and a Muslim family name is quite common* but to have an authentically Persian first name and super-strong Semitic middle name is a stretch too far for most Iranians, who are virulently divided in the cultural chasm between Islamism & Iranianism. Baha’is can bridge the gap but even so rarely will their names reflect such a stark divide** so the only ethnicity left would be the Iranian Jews. Of course the fact that he was a Persian Californian lawyer only reinforced the immediate connection.

*People can’t pick their surnames though some do change them, I thought Trita Parsi had changed his but turns out he’s actually Zoroastrian but I never the Iranians to have Parsi as a surname.

** If anything Baha’i names will have a Western name somewhere since we are more globalist in our approach. Ergo even though I’m written as Zachary alot of people tend to call me Zachariah (I don’t notice that).

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