Rice eating Indians

A Pakistani friend of mine told me that the stereotype was of rice eating Indians as opposed to bread eating Pakistanis (though of course Iranians are renowned for their rice dishes).

For some reason my greatest sin has always been rice, it’s something I find far more pleasurable than naans of any sort. Incidentally while I’ve always been a rice & curry partisan my middle brother has always been far more partial to tandoori dishes & naan.
I wonder where Muhajirs fall in the mix are they rice eaters like our original Gangetic culture or Naan lovers like Indus Man?
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10 years ago

Up until a few years ago, I thought all desis mostly ate rice as a staple diet. I suppose my misperception was due to the fact that Bengalis eat rice at almost every meal. Naan/Chapati/other breads are usually reserved for breakfast if that. Also during festivities or large gatherings, isn't the food served usually Biryani and other rice dishes for all desi events?

10 years ago

Zachary, I am a south Indian and do love my rice. I am surprised you mentioned nan. I have not touched it in years. It is for kids. Unlike whole wheat bread, Tanduri roti is streets ahead of white nan. I can eat hot, buttered Tanduri roti without any dishes to go with it. By mentioning nan, you have dropped couple of notches in my estimation! I do not know what your Pakistani brethren have to add on this subject of nan and whole wheat roti.

10 years ago

Yes this is what I thought too that Biryani is such a staple part of any festival or occasion or even meal. I was only relayed what my friend told me.

Other than that I still don't eat rice or bread anymore, too high of a GI index for me.. If I partake in carbs it will be in fruits & veggies etc.

Had (ginger) rice last night in what was the first time in a looong time, can't remember when I had bread.

10 years ago

As time goes by I realise I eat less and less rice and bread. It's been over 10-12 years since I ate white bread by choice. Tonights admittedly flamboyant Burmese curry had about 200g of Udon noodles for two people, more than enough.

10 years ago

The rice stigma is in my family too. "Punjabis don't eat rice". I can't remember how many times I've heard that. My mother grew up in Lucknow and was constantly made fun of at my paternal grand parent's house for her rice loving culinary habits.

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