Patience Jonathan is (only a lesser) evil

The elites are incapable of protecting the poor from the cruelties of life, not because of lack of resources but because of lack of humanity- they simply feel that the poor are not human beings.

Nigeria is literally burning, the churches, mosques, schools are all on fire, yesterday an entire town was burnt to ashes. The least that is expected from a first lady is to listen patiently to women in distress. But apparently Patience Jonathan has no patience to spare. She is spending her time shouting down the women and threatening them with arrest. The most memorable accusation made against (activist) Naomi Mutah is that she is falsely claiming that her own daughter has been kidnapped!!!
Adding to the growing frustration within Nigeria over the abductions are
reports that Patience Jonathan, Nigeria’s first lady, bizarrely ordered
the arrest of two of the leaders of the protests that had erupted after
the kidnappings of the girls in April, and had even denied the
kidnappings had taken place. 

Patience Jonathan’s office has denied the
reports, but she was quoted by the News Agency of Nigeria as saying, “You are playing games. Don’t use schoolchildren and women for demonstrations again.”


A woman leading protests
over the abduction of more than 200 girls in Nigeria has been detained
on the orders of the president’s wife, activists say. Naomi Mutah took part in a meeting called by First Lady Patience Jonathan and was then taken to a police station, they say.

Mrs Jonathan reportedly felt slighted that the mothers of the abducted girls had sent Ms Mutah to the meeting. Analysts say Mrs Jonathan is a politically powerful figure.

Ms Mutah, a representative of the Chibok community where the
girls were seized from their school more than two weeks ago, last week
organised a protest outside parliament in the capital, Abuja.

The AP news agency quotes another community leader, Saratu Angus
Ndirpaya, as saying that Mrs Jonathan accused the activists of
fabricating the abductions to give the government a bad name.
She also said the First Lady accused them of supporting Boko Haram.

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