Uganda's Indians

The old Ugandan families- they trace their ancestry to the region pre-War (I mean WW1 and some even go back to the late 19th century). The old monied elite almost uniformly wealthy (more so by intermarriage) and very ecumenical but still highly religious. Their wealth is predominantly from real estate holdings, landed elite along with the elite Baganda. They were expelled during Idi Amin’s time but came back to claim their properties.

The new Kenyan families – the second and third sons of the Kenyan families (who have been in East Africa pre-war) who now have moved into industry and service sector. Meshing with the old families but still apart in that they pursue industry and haven’t moved to land/real estate yet.
The poor Desis- All have moved since the millennium and are in service occupations or industry. The Indians are usually long lost relatives (same village in Gujarat) as the old families but the Paksitanis are political exiles. They from the bulk of the cricket league (think “Tomil Tigers).
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