Indira reborn

Rahul’ abject failure means that Priyanka is Indira Incarnate.

My suggestion is that the BJP should create a uniform civil code that allows either party in a suit to opt into it and that would take precedence over the other family laws.
The results for the Indian election are resoundingly pro the BJP and the BJP are going to be an ascendant power for maybe another two elections. Who knows Namo might be a life premier; the wise rule foretold in the ancient sagas.
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10 years ago

priyanka has her husband as a great liability.
one of the reasons that congress has done so shockingly is they don't allow strong mass leaders from the states.
just bringing priyanka to the fore is unlikely to help.

while indira remained popular in india , historians say indira was bad for india and worse for congress.
she destroyed congress's internal democracy and started this dynastic high command system.

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