Why were the Jihadis created?

Mr Haji Sriram Pasha ( ) has a theory:

I have said it before, but it’s worth often repeating. The Taliban, the sectarians, and the Kashmiri jihadi were raised to intimidate, harass, and browbeat people of Pakistan. Their ops outside of Pakistan were merely training missions in the art of subversion and terror within the country. The strategic depth had nothing to do with India. It was all about raising a militia to keep the people of Pakistan down.
In the Geo affair, the Army trained outfits assisted to surmount aggressive questioning. Inquiring minds terrified by multiple means. During all the hoopla, terrorist assassinated a human rights activist in Multan without a whimper.
The terrorist group MQM already occupies Urban Sindh. Now PTI is set to repeat the same in Punjab. PTI Youthias are not any different than the young Urdu speaking that were the first victims of MQM. The MQM job is to frighten the intelligentsia and business. PTI will do the same in Punjab and perhaps in KP too.

My comment was this: Absolutely spot on, at least about the Jihadis…. The only thing I would add is that within GHQ only a few people probably had any clue about what they were setting out to do. The other morons were held in place using bullshit like “strategic depth”, “Force multipliers” and “two nation theory”….

Has any army, even a moronic army, armed and trained half a million fanatics and let them loose within its own borders? We did. And they are doing what they were always meant to do. America, China, India, even Afghanistan, its all collateral damage…

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