World Cup thoughts

glad Matthew Kenyon of the BBC and I share the exact same thoughts on have match. A very dubious penalty (what was Japanese ref thinking?) and a selfie (own goal) put Brazil in a very poor light.

The political pressure on both the Brazilian govt & FIFA for Brazil to acquit itself more than honorably is immense. Croatia played very well whereas Brazil were a bit of a disappointing (excepting the ubiquitous Neymar & the ever-trying Oscar).
Finally the music (we are one by J-lo& Pitbull) does sound awful even if it shares the same Soca beat with the catchy 2010 World Cup song Waca Waca by Shakira.
There is always something special about the World Cup & Olympics it just brings back the memories for me (so does Wimbledon but then I am also British so that would figure).
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